Playlist: 6 talks on mapmaking to help you find your way

Maps help us keep track of the wealth of data in the world — whether showing how disease spreads to the best place to hail a cab. These six TEDx Talks tackle the layered process of mapmaking, and show how [...]

Twin pandas born at Smithsonian’s National Zoo! The zoo’s “panda guy” talks pandas at TEDxFoggyBottom

On Saturday, one of Smithsonian’s National Zoo resident giant pandas — Mei Xiang — gave birth to twins. At TEDxFoggyBottom in Washington D.C., Dr. Bill McShea, the National Zoo’s “panda guy” gave a hilarious talk on the endangered, but fiercely popular [...]

Playlist: 5 outstanding music performances from TEDx events

From improvised cello-idioglossia collaborations to loop-pedal driven “queer-pop,” here are five performances from around the world that incorporate a range of musical techniques, each grounded in their individually unique and eclectic style. Watch them all below: 1. Cello + vocals. [...]

The first TEDx event held under a bridge unfolds in Madrid

Two years ago, TEDxMadrid organizer Antonella Broglia had an idea: organize a TEDx event under a bridge. Her choice — the Puente de Colores de San Cristóbal de los Ángeles in the San Cristóbal de los Ángeles neighborhood of Madrid. [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Photos that will make you want to save the Everglades

“The majority of us aren’t going to willingly go and wade out into a swamp,” says conservation photographer Mac Stone at TEDxUF, though this is what he does on a regular basis. The Florida-based photographer specializes in documenting the Everglades, [...]

How a TEDx’er won tickets to every TEDx event in Austria

How to connect all of the TEDx communities in one country? By sharing ideas … and attendees, says TEDxVienna curator Réka Artner. At the 2014 TEDSalon in Berlin, Artner and other TEDx organizers took advantage of being in one place [...]