Design Spotlight: How two events made ideas come alive with clever design

For TEDxJakarta’s 10th TEDx event, the design team, consisting of Annisa Aprianinda, Tommy Chandra, Alfi Maulana and with support from Heimlo Studio, created stylized portraits of each speaker. In the portraits, speakers are surrounded with iconography that represents the idea in [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: How to stop pesticide-resistant pests? Pheromones.

Plant and food researcher Max Suckling can explain his work with a simple story: “Imagine a blindfolded man is looking for his wife in a room by her perfume. He’ll probably be able to smell his wife and find her. [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Can we “freeze” light?

Physicist Daniele Faccio is in the business of capturing light. The Heriot-Watt University professor searches for ways to document light at its weakest — in single photons — by developing cameras so sensitive that they “freeze” light in motion. “Light [...]

Spotlight: A look at TEDxYouth + TEDYouth 2015 around the globe

On Saturday, TEDx communities around the world were abuzz with excitement for TEDYouth 2015. Over 100 different communities gathered together to watch the event live, sharing in the big ideas, the technology, the enthusiasm and the hope for the future. [...]

A look at some of the incredible TEDxYouth events celebrating TEDYouth tomorrow!

TEDYouth 2015: “Made in the Future” is tomorrow! The conference, celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of youth worldwide, is taking a look at what the world might look like in 2035. From the Brooklyn Museum in New York, twenty-eight speakers [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: How we make bacteria glow to save lives

Dr. Siouxsie Wiles deals with microbes. Specifically, she makes them glow. Why? To save lives. “One out of every four people who are admitted into a hospital overnight in New Zealand are there because of infectious microbes,” she says in [...]