7 photobooths from TEDx events to inspire your next event design

So, you want to have a photobooth at your TEDx event? Great! Brush up on the TEDx photobooth canon with these images from some very inventive photo sessions at TEDx events around the globe, from TEDxBusan in South Korea to TEDxYouth@Tehran [...]

Spotlight TEDx Performance: Indian classical dance at TEDxYouth@AnnArbor

High school junior Anurima Kumar has performed Bharatanatyam dance for over ten years. At TEDxYouth@AnnArbor, she performs an elaborate piece with a fellow Bharatanatyam dancer and speaks of what she’s learned about culture, presentation and art from the study of Indian [...]

A TEDx’er on attending two TEDxWeekends — a continent apart

Little did TEDxJardins / TEDxSaoPaulo organizer Elena Crescia know that years after holding her first TEDx event she’d be taking a month off of work to travel the world and spend time with TEDx organizers. Founder of Brazilian-based non-profit Portfolia, [...]

Playlist: 6 talks on mapmaking to help you find your way

Maps help us keep track of the wealth of data in the world — whether showing how disease spreads to the best place to hail a cab. These six TEDx Talks tackle the layered process of mapmaking, and show how [...]

Twin pandas born at Smithsonian’s National Zoo! The zoo’s “panda guy” talks pandas at TEDxFoggyBottom

On Saturday, one of Smithsonian’s National Zoo resident giant pandas — Mei Xiang — gave birth to twins. At TEDxFoggyBottom in Washington D.C., Dr. Bill McShea, the National Zoo’s “panda guy” gave a hilarious talk on the endangered, but fiercely popular [...]

Playlist: 5 outstanding music performances from TEDx events

From improvised cello-idioglossia collaborations to loop-pedal driven “queer-pop,” here are five performances from around the world that incorporate a range of musical techniques, each grounded in their individually unique and eclectic style. Watch them all below: 1. Cello + vocals. [...]