How sustainable design is revolutionizing our daily lives

It is projected that by the year 2050, 66% of the world’s population will be living in cities. As we witness the current state of over-urbanization on the climate, on the environment and on human lives, the question looms: how [...]

Eight TEDx talks that are always in fashion

The ethics of fashion Designer Clara Vuletich works with fashion brands to make clothes more sustainable. At TEDxSydney, she asks: What do you know about the clothes in your wardrobe? About the clothes that you’re wearing right now? The hijab [...]

Your standing desk is boring. Start working in a sculpture.

By now, it’s been widely reported that sitting all day at work is bad for you. Office workers are reacting to the news with tall tables, treadmills, bouncy balls and all sorts of other contraptions to stop their sitting habit. [...]

6 TEDx talks on getting rid of stuff

Do you have too much stuff? Watch these talks for some motivation to get rid of what you don’t need: Writer Angela Horn advocates for getting rid of excess. At TEDxCapeTown, she shares why she decided to downsize and how [...]

How does society see disability?

In these six talks, TEDx speakers address society’s perception of disability — and the experience of living with one. Watch them all: How much do you know about intellectual disabilities? | Matthew Williams | TEDxVancouver Special Olympian Matthew Williams shares [...]

How a group of brothers found freedom through imagination

Everything changed for the Angulo family in January 2010, when 15 year old Mukunda Angulo left his apartment, alone, against his father’s rules. For 14 years, the 7 Angulo siblings were shut away from the world by their controlling father, [...]