Have we turned war into a game?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009, making its way into the hands of 4.7 million people in the U.S. and U.K. during its first day on the market. The first level of the game thrusts you [...]

Celebrate International Chess Day with these three TEDx talks

Today is International Chess Day. If you play chess, this might be an important day for you. If you don’t play and prefer something else (say checkers), you can still enjoy some great TEDx talks that speak about gender roles [...]

How A.I. tracks crop growth in the U.S. — thanks to images from space

Steven Brumby teaches computers to understand satellite data. The physicist aims to create “a living, breathing atlas for the world” using decades of satellite imagery analyzed through machine learning — in order to get a clearer picture of our planet, [...]

A teacher who asks students to break toys

The first assignment computing professor Erik Brunvand gives his students each semester is to buy a child’s toy from a thrift store. The second assignment is to break it. At TEDxSaltLakeCity, he explains why. “I think this is the 21st-century [...]

A magical murphy bed and other robotic furniture

Hasier Larrea thinks interior design is missing one big thing: robots. So many of us live in cities where residences tend to be “micro,” Larrea says at TEDxCambridge, and need ways to make the most of a small space. Robots [...]

WATCH: Can you learn real world skills from video games?

Do video games teach us transferable skills? Game designer Liz Fiacco says yes. “The power of these games,” she says at TEDxChapmanU, “comes from their rapid ‘teach and test’ cycles. A player learns something new and then immediately has to [...]