WATCH: Three TEDx Talks on sharks — from three different countries

Sharks are often seen as ruthless killing machines, blood-thirsty predators out to hunt and destroy. Less often are they seen as a key element in marine ecosystem health — a sort of immune system for the sea — and a [...]

Cooking lessons at a TEDx event and 4 other experimental TEDx experiences

About eight TEDx events are held each day across the globe — gathering big thinkers to discuss ideas percolating in their communities and the world at large. Like each team that organizes an event, every TEDx event is different from [...]

A TEDx event crosses the US-Mexico border, to show that ideas can’t be fenced in

Adriana Eguia Alaniz started her talk in the United States, speaking English. She ended it in Mexico, speaking Spanish. Welcome to TEDxMonumento258, an event held across the US-Mexico border. On September 4, 2015, attendees gathered in both San Diego and [...]

10 tips for greening your TEDx event

Want to have an event with a small carbon footprint? Consider these 10 tips culled from TEDx events all over the world for advice on how to make your event a green success: 1. Encourage cycling, walking, using public transport [...]

Spotlight TEDx Event: Impressions from a day at TEDxMet

Saturday marked the return of TEDxMet, the TEDx event put on by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Surrounded by art, exhibitions and history, attendees watched talks and performances in two locations on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Insight into the Universe from the lead imager for the Hubble Space Telescope

Zoltan Levay has a really cool job: astrophotographer. He is responsible for the transformation of data taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope into sweeping views of our Universe — illuminating stars, galaxies, stardust and interstellar gas — in color and [...]