Talks, a workshop and fondue: TEDx’ers take on TEDGlobal>Geneva

Day 1: 500 TEDx’ers gather at CERN In December, TEDx’ers from around the world traveled to Geneva, Switzerland for a weekend of knowledge sharing, big questions and new connections ahead of TEDGlobal>Geneva, the first TED Conference in Switzerland. Two days [...]

Music spotlight: Tubas, trumpets and trombones at TEDx

If you want brass music, TEDx events have got you covered. Tubas, trumpets, trombones, sousaphones, we’ve got them all. Below, some bold and brassy music (pun intended) from TEDx events around the world: All about the brass | Delft Brass [...]

Diary of a TEDx Talks Screener: A standout event in Norway … with GIFs

Ama Y Adi-Dako is one of TEDx’s resident Talk Screeners, a talented group of folks who screen TEDx Talks at TED’s HQ in New York. In this diary entry, she shares her take on a recent event that really blew [...]

5 tips for creating a great volunteer culture at your TEDx event

Julie Peterson Klein is TEDxFargo’s Chief Culture Officer. For TEDxFargo 2015, Klein organized a comprehensive program for over 200 TEDxFargo volunteers, making sure that before the event they could meet, get comfortable with one another and learn the ropes of [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: A wild music festival dedicated to science

We have your next concert destination: a nerdy, artsy, tribute to science and nature in the wilds of Latvia. Every year, a group of scientists, musicians and artists — including TEDxRiga speaker Silvija Nora Kalnins — get together to host [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: How a fish with super strong suction powers could inspire better tech

Adam Summers is a biologist with an extensive knowledge of sea life. At TEDxSanJuanIsland, a TEDx event on one of the many islands of the Salish Sea, Summers details his journeys tracking the wildlife of the area, from swimming with [...]