Spotlight: 10 great TEDxWomen events from around the globe

This week, nearly 250 TEDxWomen events will be watching the TEDWomen 2015 broadcast from theaters, schools, at least a few museums and many other venues — gathering for conversation, discussion and speakers from their own cities and towns. Previously, we [...]

Spotlight TEDx Talk: The dangerous ways ads see women

Tomorrow marks the first day of TEDWomen 2015 — and the nearly 250 TEDxWomen events watching the conference worldwide! To celebrate, we’re featuring talks that look at the state of women in the world today. Cultural theorist Jean Kilbourne is [...]

TEDx communities around the world get ready for TEDxWomen and TEDWomen

This week, TEDWomen 2015 will bring a diverse group of big thinkers together to explore, prod, examine and investigate the state of women in the world today, celebrating the female inventors, designers, artists, activists, innovators and pioneers creating forward momentum [...]

Playlist: 4 TEDx Talks on photography

Covering everything from the power of photojournalism to why you shouldn’t fear the camera, these four TEDx Talks look at photography from many different lenses. Watch them all below: Can you alter time? | Adam Magyar | TEDxGateway Adam Magyar [...]

At TEDxOPorto, postcards from strangers across the globe

Last March, TEDxOPorto took on a novel way to connect their community — through the notes of strangers. Organizer Norberto Amaral was inspired by Postcrossing, a project that aims to liven up people’s physical mailboxes with postcards from around the [...]

The world’s largest particle accelerator just made history. Animations from TEDxCERN to help explain particle physics

Wednesday night, the scientists (and particle accelerator) at CERN made history by colliding particles at the highest energy humankind has ever accomplished. Tests in the 17-mile ring of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) sent particles at a whopping 13 teraelectron [...]