A day spent at the TEDxKraków Transcribeathon

TEDxKraków's Transcribeathon (Photo: Ewa Spohn)

TEDxKraków’s Transcribeathon (Photo: Ewa Spohn)

The TEDx community in Kraków, Poland is a vibrant collective of spirited, creative folks ready to take on new ideas in Poland. This is why it was no surprise when they organized a Transcribeathon — a day-long race to transcribe as many TEDx Talks as possible, to ready them for translation this June. Together with their local TED Open Translation Project chapter (including OTP Language Coordinator Krystian Aparta and OTP Translator Gosia Kus), they put on their first TEDxKraków Transcribeathon this June, complete with laptops, headphones, and cherry pie.

They followed the lead of other energetic OTP groups, like the initiators of the OTP transcribeathon — the OTP community in Warsaw, who hosted the first-ever OTP transcribeathon in May, under the guidance of OTP Language Coordinator Kinga Skorupska and the team at TEDxWarsaw. This transcribeathon inspired TEDxDubai to host a transcribathon in Dubai, and then, after a repeat transcribeathon in Warsaw was held due to the popularity of the first, TEDxKraków joined in.

Participants work on transcribing talks. (Photo: Bartolomeo Koczenasz)

Participants work on transcribing talks. (Photo: Bartolomeo Koczenasz)

“We decided to create the first-ever TEDxKraków Transcribeathon as we wanted to see more of our Polish TEDx talks sent out into the big world,” said TEDxKraków organizer Ewa Spohn.

“We’ve made a decision to allow our speakers to present in Polish if they feel more comfortable (and most are). The downside is that it makes their talks less accessible. So it’s really important for us to get the talks transcribed and translated as soon as possible, and that’s why we decided to get together with our local OTP group to do this.”

Sticky notes show off talks transcribed at the event. (Photo: Ewa Spohn)

Sticky notes show off talks transcribed at the event. (Photo: Ewa Spohn)

Fifteen people gathered in central Kraków for workshops, group exercises, and a whole lot of transcribing. “It’s a strange thing to say about an event where everyone spent most of their time with headphones plugged in, staring at the screen, but it was awesome!” said Spohn. “I think we set a really good precedent, and it was undoubtedly a good idea to get our translator community to meet face-to-face. Having this dedicated chunk of time where everyone can work on something together as a group seems to be much appreciated.”

See a detailed report from the event (with tips on how to host your own Transcribeathon) here.

Learn more about transcribing TEDx Talks in the OTP guide here.

For more about TEDxKraków, visit their website here.


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