In Denver, a city field trip via Instagram

This month, the team at TEDxMileHigh hosted a day dedicated to capturing the essence of Denver in 612 by 612 pixels. This was their very first InstaMeet, a gathering dedicated to Instagram photography. At the meet-up, the #TEDxMileHighInstaMeet, a group [...]

A new center for helping sea turtles in Australia

At TEDxJCUCairns, marine biologist Jennie Gilbert asks the question we only wish we could ask ourselves: “What do I do with 52 [baby sea] turtles?” After a neighbor’s dog got into a turtle’s nest, Gilbert became a baby sea turtle [...]

It’s time for more women in conservation science

Jennifer Owen-White believes that when we encourage girls to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, we often leave out one very meaningful branch — conservation science. During a talk at TEDxABQWomen, Owen-White says when a young woman shows proficiency [...]

Gorgeous photos from around the TEDx world

TEDxPhoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, USA Take a look around the TEDx world at some of the incredible moments that have taken place. We have a lot of great photographs to share from events that took place both recently and a bit [...]

Does economic freedom (in Africa) require gender equality?

It’s popular in the media to say Africa is “rising,” that the “hopeless continent” of yore is moving away from poverty, corruption, deadly disease, and dismal economies to a place of booming growth and unprecedented prosperity. But just who is [...]

How to create a successful petition in 3 easy steps

We’ve all seen people sharing petitions online. But what is it that makes some petitions succeed, while others fail? At TEDxBrum, Kat Sladden, a senior campaigner at — the largest platform for creating petitions online — shares her tips [...]