We have so many machines. Why are there still so many jobs?

At TEDxCambridge, MIT economist David Autor explores why decades of automation hasn’t led to near-complete job loss for humanity. Machines, he says, don’t necessarily replace humans in the workplace, but instead complement our expertise, judgment, and creativity. Watch his whole [...]

How climate change is transforming the Arctic’s underwater soundscape

Oceanographer Kate Stafford uses underwater microphones (called hydrophones) to record the daily sounds of the chilly, chilly waters off the coast of Alaska. For years, she and her team at the University of Washington have been studying the sounds of [...]

An atlas of civic engagement guides a TEDx event to new ideas

Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (Nursery of Citizen Initiatives) maps citizen action. Based in Madrid, the collective is dedicated to tracking all that “builds a more inclusive, ethical, sustainable, participative and livable city.” When seeking out ideas to share at their [...]

How to defend yourself against misleading statistics in the news

Sanne Blauw is journalist for Amsterdam-based De Correspondent. At TEDxMaastricht, she shares some of the key ways news stories misrepresent statistics and give strategies for readers to separate the real from the sensational. Watch her whole talk below:

Tips for having better conversations — and daring to disagree

Having conversations — political or otherwise — isn’t always easy. Below, six great talks on opening up, getting out what you’re trying to say, listening well and even disagreeing: In this fascinating talk from TEDxOlympia, mediator Madeline Poultridge shows how [...]

Papercut poetry

Karen Bit Vejle is a psaligrapher — that is, she tells stories through cutting paper. Like many from her native Denmark, Bit Vejle made paper snowflakes as a child, but unlike most, this sparked a lifelong passion for paper cutting. Now [...]