Meet the girl skateboarders of India

When Atita Verghese was 19, she fell in love with skateboarding, even though she didn’t (yet) have her own board. The Goa native was an intrepid adventurer into the male-dominated sport, and would travel every day to her local skatepark [...]

Can growing rare chickens save the poultry industry?

P. Allen Smith raises chickens you won’t find at industrial chicken farms. With names like the Golden Penciled Hamburg, Blue Andalusian, and Buff Orpington, these chickens are looks, temperaments, and genes apart from the white-and-red chickens you’ll find grown at [...]

How we lit up Gallaudet University to let nighttime ASL conversations shine

On any given day, students at Gallaudet University — a Washington D.C.-based school dedicated to the education of Deaf and hard of hearing students — will be around the campus having conversations in American Sign Language (ASL). And, as university [...]

Using kites and underwater torpedoes to map the coral reefs of the Philippines

Physicist Maricor Soriano is dedicated to creating innovative, low-cast methods to map the Philippines’s coral reefs. The archipelago is estimated to have 27,000 square kilometers of coral reefs, but as the World Wildlife Foundation’s Gregg Yan writes, it’s hard to [...]

Could “space wheat” save fresh water?

Bruce Bugbee grows crops designed for life in outer space. The Utah State University plant scientist investigates how wheat, peas, rice and other edible crops could grow under less-than-optimal conditions — with little room, minimal fresh water and beneath artificial [...]

The importance of high school journalism

High school senior Forrest Lewis is an advocate for student-run newspapers. At TEDxEureka, he shares the story of the death and the resurrection of his own student newspaper, the Arcata High School Pepperbox, a publication started in 1927 and nearly ended [...]