A dog orchestra, coding and STEM

Every year, Dr. Mary Anne Moser puts together a delightful smash-up of science and art in Calgary, Canada — Beakerhead. “Delight is reason enough to do things,” she says at TEDxCalgary.” It starts conversations; it starts relationships; it starts companies.” [...]

What bearded dragons tell us about color and heat

Dr. Devi Stuart-Fox has spent more than 15 years investigating how and why lizards change color. She’s studied how gliding lizards use the sun to show off their colors, whether bearded dragons change color in their sleep (they do), and [...]

When invasive “yellow crazy ants” attack

Some time ago — scientists guess between 1915 and 1934 – the yellow crazy ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) was accidentally brought to Australia’s Christmas Island. These ants, known for their predatory behavior, can kill organisms over 500 times their size, says [...]

As their island disappears, a tribe becomes the United States’s first climate change migrants

“The whole world is going to be affected by [climate] displaced people,” says environmental scientist Sandra Maina at TEDxSaintThomas. Researchers predict that over 13 million people in the U.S. alone will be displaced by climate change by 2100 — and [...]

Investigative journalism in Kyrgyzstan — reported by youth

Journalist Anna Lelik took on her first investigative report when she was just 17. She was looking into online censorship in Central Asian countries — including in her home country of Kyrgyzstan — and was worried she wouldn’t be taken [...]

7 talks highlight people with disabilities breaking down barriers

In these seven talks, activists, advocates and educators share how they are working to build a society that works for people with disabilities: For more than 30 years, Judith Heumann has fought for the civil rights of those with disabilities. [...]