Photos worth spreading at TEDxGowanus InstaMeet

A photo from the TEDxGowanus InstaMeet by Instagram user @HolidayHaus

A photo from the TEDxGowanus InstaMeet by Instagram user @holidayhaus

In the lead-up to their inaugural event, the team behind TEDxGowanus in Gowanus, Brooklyn drummed up interest in a very interesting way — an InstaMeet. For the uninitiated, InstaMeets are organized gatherings of Instagram users that encourage these intrepid phone photographers to meet, mingle, explore and photograph.

TEDxGowanus organizers decided that an InstaMeet made up of a guided tour of their neighborhood would be the perfect introduction to their event. “This is a great way to start the conversations and relationships that will continue through to TEDxGowanus,” they wrote in a description of the event. The day-long InstaMeet celebrated the history, industry, and architecture of Gowanus, and was centered around the hashtag #GowanusInspired.

For TEDx organizers hoping to host their own InstaMeets, has a great guide to hosting a successful InstaMeet, and the official Instagram blog covers InstaMeets from around the world. You can see all of their InstaMeet coverage here>>

See a gallery of highlights from the InstaMeet on the TEDxGowanus website>>

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