10 tips for creating a successful social media strategy for any event

(Photo: TEDxSanDiego)

A mural at TEDxSanDiego (Photo: TEDxSanDiego)

During their 2013 event, the team at TEDxSanDiego received 1.53 million impressions on Twitter, not to mention impressive impact on Facebook and on other social channels. Kara DeFrias, social strategist at TEDxSanDeigo, created a social media playbook to share the secrets behind their success.

From Kara, TEDxSanDiego’s top 10 tips for a successful social media strategy:

1. Be authentic: To your event, to your speakers, to your audience.

2. Be a team player: Retweet other folks who mention your event.

3. Build a good team: Two is great, three is better.

4. Treat Twitter as play-by-play, and Facebook as color commentary: Don’t post the same thing on all social channels, as people want different levels of interaction on each.

5. Attend rehearsals: Gives you a good idea of speakers’ gems and what you’ll want to post on event day.

6. Don’t transcribe talks: For short talks, push 1-2 quotes onto social; for longer talks, 3-5 highlights.

7. Have fun with pic-quotes: Grab a wide angle screenshot from the livestream (or take a photo with your phone) and put the speaker’s most impactful quote on it with an app. (We love using the “Over” app.)

8. Have a test plan: Try new things each year, see what works, and optimize for the next event.

9. Be a good host: It’s helpful to let viewers and fans know when the event is going on break, and when it’ll be back.

10. Have fun!

In the end, whether you reach 1 person or 1 million people isn’t as important as helping your speakers shine on your social media channels. After all, it’s about “ideas worth spreading.”


  1. Thank you and TEDxSanDiego for sharing your social media playbook, Kara! It’s a great step-by-step guide for TEDx (and other event) organizers on how to get started promoting their events — and spreading their ideas — online.

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  3. Such a great insights that will help to gain an understanding of the social media landscape, recognize where your target audience interacts online, serve you in developing a social media strategy relevant to your event, and give you a practical advice on how to get started in social media for event marketing. That is, if you’re up for the challenge!

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