For TEDxPeachtree, the city of Atlanta is overrun with hidden cats


One of Catlanta’s art pieces for TEDxPeachtree (Photo: Catlanta)

“Catlanta” is an Atlanta-based artist who creates boldly embellished, aesthetically wild cat-inspired art and hides it around the city. And if you were to have wandered through a certain handful of Atlanta neighborhoods recently, you might have been one of the lucky many to discover one of the artist’s TEDxPeachtree Catlanterns — intricate, handmade lanterns created to celebrate the 2014 event, themed Illuminate.

A Catlanta Catlantern at the West View Cemetery Mausoleum in Atlanta

A Catlanta Catlantern at the West View Cemetery Mausoleum in Atlanta (Photo: Catlanta)

“The free art movement is particularly strong in Atlanta at the moment, with numerous artists putting out pieces of art around the city for residents to find in a kind of underground citywide scavenger hunt,” the artist told TEDx. “This seemed like the perfect way to promote the event and encourage individuals to explore some parts of the city they may never have seen or experienced before.”

Catlanta’s first six TEDxPeachtree Catlanterns were hidden at the Atlanta BeltLine Parade, and, soon, six more were hidden in different areas of the city. Atlantans were given clues to where the lanterns were located via social media and asked to tweet, Facebook, or Instagram a photo of themselves with the lantern with the tag #TEDxPT for a chance to win two tickets to the event.

The hunt was a success — all lanterns were discovered and two people were awarded a pair of tickets to the event. Even a few animals participated.

Statues hold a Catlanta Catlatern at Atlanta's Crest Lawn Memorial Park

Statues hold a Catlanta Catlantern at Atlanta’s Crest Lawn Memorial Park (Photo: Catlanta)

A Catlatern in Atlanta's Stony Point Park

A Catlantern in Atlanta’s Stony Point Park (Photo: Catlanta)

“Going out to hide the pieces was by far the most memorable part of this experience for me,” said the arist. “I challenged myself to visit locations I hadn’t experienced before as a lifelong resident of the metro Atlanta area. This led me to visit a lantern parade, the historic West View Cemetery, and many beautiful hidden parks and green spaces that I had never seen. It was fun to have people hunting for pieces in these new places, even if they were unable to find their own piece of art, they still were able to visit a part of their city they may not have ever visited otherwise.”

TEDxPeachtree will be held on October 17 at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta. Read more about the Catlanta + TEDxPeachtree collaboration on the TEDxPeachtree website>>

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