Introducing the TEDxAthens Human Grid

HGrid1In Athens, Greece, the team at TEDxAthens has collaborated to create the Human Grid — an interactive, online map tracking the people and organizations making waves in the Athenian community. Virtual push pins dot the map, visually mapping out the network of activists, activators, and advocates turning ideas worth spreading into ideas in action in Athens.

“Each pin [represents] an organization or a group of citizens with an objective to actively support fellow citizens [working to improve] their city,” the team writes on a website explaining the project (which is written in Greek), “so that it eventually becomes a city worth living in.”

The name “Human Grid” was chosen because the team wants the project to show that, like an electric grid or a street grid, the citizens of Athens form a human grid made of social interactions, big projects, and community initiatives.

“Human Grid’s immediate goal is the expansion and the completion of this interactive map, so that it captures the entire human grid of Greece,” the team writes. “Upon completion of this effort, it will come to be an easy task for citizens to search and find local initiatives, to be informed about their projects and to learn the ways they can contribute.”

You can learn more about the TEDxAthens Human Grid on its website, Facebook page, and blog (some items are in Greek).

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