Playlist: 3 totally weird and wonderful TEDx musical performances


Watch Rizal Abdulhadi play his homemade guitar / didgeridoo / percussion hybrid instrument.

At TEDxUbud, multi-instrumentalist Rizal Abdulhadi premieres his new homemade instrument: a bamboo guitar / didgeridoo / percussion hybrid he calls the Rasendriya.


Watch May Roosevelt play her Björk, Bach, Byzantine-inspired theremin tunes at TEDxBerlin.

May Roosevelt plays the theremin, a sort of invisible instrument. At TEDxBerlin, she plays her unique brand of music for the theremin, inspired by some of her favorite musicians, including The Residents, Massive Attack, Bach, Björk and Clara Rockmore.

Watch Bruno Zamborlin turn everyday objects into instruments at TEDxBrussels

At TEDxBrussels, technologist Bruno Zamborlin shows how contact microphones can turn almost any surface into a musical instrument.

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