How-to: 7 steps to creating a dynamic livetweeting strategy for your event


Livetweeting is one of the elements of putting on a live event that comes with a lot of pressure. Twitter streams move fast and — at TEDx events where speakers present big ideas in a relatively short amount of time  — it can be challenging to juggle capturing speakers’ quotes in real time, posting photos, responding to attendees’ questions and comments, and sharing information about livestreams or event logistics.

In preparing for their second event, the team at TEDxCERN made this difficult task a priority, putting considerable thought into their social media and livetweeting strategy. Social Media Coordinator Clara Nellist led a team of four tweeters, each with a unique approach to the platform and expertise in talks’ science-heavy content, including a tweeter who communicates through ASCII art.

We talked to Nellist about how they pulled things off on the big day and asked for some advice for future livetweeters. Below, 7 tips for creating a great livetweeting strategy:

  1.  Use rehearsals to prepare. “I attended the rehearsals of the talks the day before to get an idea of what each speaker was going to say and some of the key points from their talks,” says Nellist. “In the evening after the rehearsals, I spoke to the speaker coach to get his impressions of the ideas that the speakers wanted to get across.”
  2. Ask speakers for sharable content before the event — images, stats, quotes: “When possible I chatted with speakers, to ask what they thought would be important to share. If there was a particular image that would work well on Twitter, I made a note of that as well.”
  3. Find volunteers who love Twitter. Life will be much easier on the big day if your livetweeters are already very, very comfortable with the platform.
  4. Assign speaker coverage by interest. Ask volunteers which talks they are most excited to hear and encourage them to tweet about those talks on the event day. Passion inspires great content.
  5. Break up tasks between the team. One person could reply to Tweets and answer questions, while another retweets and posts photos.
  6. Grab a photographer. If you can get quality images up in real time, your posts will stand out.
  7. Make sure you’ve communicated the event’s official hashtag to attendees, speakers, and team members. Simple, but important.

For more advice on social media at TEDx events, check out this list of tips from TEDxSanDiego’s Social Strategist Kara DeFrias


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