5 TEDx trailers we want to watch again and again

A scene from TEDxAmsterdam's 2012 event trailer

A scene from TEDxAmsterdam’s 2012 event trailer

The best TEDx events are thought-provoking, interesting, smart, witty, and fun. It turns out that the best TEDx trailers are, too. Below, 5 TEDx promo videos that have us wanting to press the replay button:

1. Four years of TEDxBrussels
Here, the team at TEDxBrussels melds together highlights from four years of the program. Check it out to hear outstanding quotes from speakers, feedback from the community, and a short introduction to the first commercially-available cyborg.


2. The 15,000 balloons of TEDxAmsterdam
In this whimsical video, TEDxAmsterdam invites photographer Corriette Schoenaerts of UNIT production and artist Guido Verhoef to work with 15,000 balloons to celebrate the event’s theme “Human Nature” and the difference between creation and destruction.


3. TEDxItaewon’s ode to nature

TEDxItaewon celebrates the natural beauty of their home country South Korea in this artful event trailer. It’ll make you want to travel to Itaewon.


4. TEDxKöln’s fanciful city tour
In this trailer, the city of Köln, Germany is taken over by floating letters thanks to TEDxKöln. Watch it to see what we mean.


5. Parkour with TEDxYouth@Alexandria
In this trailer for TEDxYouth@Alexandria, parkour takes center stage, as adventurous young TEDx’ers backflip their way through the Egyptian city — spreading the power of “x” as they go.


  1. You probably haven’t seen the official trailer for our 2011 TEDx in Vienna, filmed entirely by our own volunteer crew in diverse Viennese environments. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqrahxN9DlE

  2. And there’s TEDxManhattan – 4 years in less than 4 mintues!

  3. Bryant Gonzales

    I would like to share the trailer of TEDxUniversityofSanCarlos. Our theme was “The Butterfly Effect” and it means small ideas leaving a big impact. What we did was we released 15 posters for 15 days in our university with 1 poster equivalent to 1 letter. It was on the event proper that we released that the 15 letters formed “We all start small”

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