The complicated business of how teams innovate


At TEDxCambridge, Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill shared her research on teamwork, idea generation, constructive debate, decision-making, and inquisitive thinking within groups of people at organizations, citing examples from her work observing the flow of work at places like Pixar, Google, and others. From her talk:

“At the heart of innovation is a paradox: You have to unleash the talents and passions of many people, and you have to harness that into a work that is actually useful.

Innovation is a journey. It is a type of collaborative problem-solving — usually among people who have different expertise and different points of view.

Innovations rarely get created full-blown; as many of you know, they are usually the result of trial and error, lots of false starts, missteps, and mistakes. Innovative work can be very exhilarating, but it also can be really downright scary.”

Watch her whole talk below:


  1. Jorge Richard Angulo

    Just a great Talk! … Large organizations are clearly printed on this talk. Congratulations Linda!

  2. Great talk!!
    We are social persons::group work were everyone have a talent, some are hide, others need to hide them.

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