3 reasons why you should apply to attend TEDActive 2015

The many scenes of TEDActive. Photos: Bret Hartman/TED

The many scenes of TEDActive. Photos: Bret Hartman/TED

First thing’s first: What’s TEDActive? TEDActive is sort of like the super brainy summer camp you never got to attend as a kid, except instead of ropes courses and horseback riding, there are TED Talks, raucous discussion and midnight dance parties.

Sound interesting? Here’s more: TEDActive is a week-long event in Whistler, B.C. that runs parallel to the TED Conference in Vancouver. All of the sessions of the main conference are streamed live from Vancouver to Whistler, but the way you watch TED Talks at TEDActive is a bit more relaxed than you would most places (think beanbags rather than auditorium seats) and the way you digest the ideas in the talks is even more fun: brainstorming sessions, fireside conversation, or even snowshoeing.

TEDActive 2015 will take place March 16-20 in Whistler, British Columbia, and explore the theme “Truth and Dare.” Here are three reasons why you should join us in Whistler:

  1.  The people! Year after year, TEDActive attracts people from all over the world who really care about big ideas and create ripple effects around the ideas shared at TED. These are the people with whom you will spend all night talking about everything from rocket science to blogs about bugs. These are the people with whom you will plan new projects, start new programs, and brainstorm big plans.
  2. The workshops! If you are a TEDx organizer, you can join the workshops designed specially for TEDx organizers. TED staff will host workshops and TEDx organizers will host “unconferences” to share best practices on all things event-organizing — from raising sponsorship money, to speaker selection, to video production.
  3. The opportunity to grow your TEDx event! A primary licensee of a TEDx event attending TEDActive gives them the chance to host an event with more than 100 people (not to mention all the ideas you’ll get from talking with everyone else at TEDActive!).

We invite TEDx organizers to apply to attend TEDActive at a special 50% subsidized cost. If you’re a TEDx organizer, apply to attend at the special discounted rate!

Not a TEDx organizer, but still want to attend TEDActive 2015? Apply here!

For more, watch our super fun video teaser for TEDActive 2015 below:


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