Playlist: The ins and outs of outer space in 7 TEDx Talks


Curious about stars? Galaxies? Planets? Learn about everything from dark matter to cosmic radiation to water filtration on the International Space Station through these 7 talks from TEDx events around the world:

How does a galaxy evolve? This is what astrophysicist Sarah Sweet studies every day. In this talk at TEDxBrisbane, she explains the fascinating science behind galaxy formation, and her particular subject of study, what’s known as a “silver spoon galaxy.”

Joseph Roche has volunteered for a one-way mission to Mars. In a talk at TEDxDublin, the astrophysicist explains why he’s made this decision and walks through the steps it would take to get a person on the Red Planet.

Catherine Heymans observes the dark side of the universe — what she calls “the stuff that we can’t see or touch but that we know it is there, because of the effects on the things that we can see.” In this talk at TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, she gives a primer on dark matter and dark energy, and a few of the theories assisting in our understanding of them.

What’s antimatter and why does it matter? Let particle physicist Tara Shears tell you in this talk from TEDxLiverpool. Through her work at CERN, she knows a lot about it.

At TEDxTokyo, Nobu Okada explains why you should care about space debris. Spoiler alert: There’s a good amount of it and it moves fast.

“We’re all radioactive,” says physicist Marco Durante, yet the concept of radiation often scares us. At TEDxRheinMain, he explores how we should think about radiation when it comes to space travel.

At TEDxLakeGeneva, Olivier de Weck gives a stirring testament to why space exploration matters and gives a tour of some of the technology that could be key to living in the space beyond our Earth.

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