Lasers, calligraphy, spaceships and more: 5 ways to make name badges less boring

At a TEDx event, name badges help attendees start conversations, make connections, and, often, share a bit about themselves. Below, five out of the ordinary TEDx name badges to inspire organizers of any event:

1. TEDxSunnyvale’s wooden nametags

Time, lasers and cherry wood were just some elements that went into the making of TEDxSunnyvale’s super cool laser-etched wooden nametags. Personalized with each attendee’s name, the event’s program and as well as custom artwork, the badges brought something special to the often-boring “getting to know you” process, and — according to organizers — smelled wonderful. See more photos of the badges here.


2. TEDxUbud’s hand-calligraphed burlap
In Bali, the team at TEDxUbud hand-painted and hand-sewn name badges for every attendee. Find photos from the event here.



Photo: Gaukhar Nurseitova

3. TEDxLansing’s thought-provoking design
TEDxLansing‘s badges, conceived by designer Gaukhar Nurseitova, presented attendees with a question: “What inspires you?” Answers were written on the badge and prompted conversation between strangers.



Photos: Juan Martinezguerra

4. TEDxVancouver’s origami spaceships
Designer Juan Martinezguerra made TEDxVancouver‘s badges interactive by including instructions on how to turn the name badge into a mini spaceship. Read more about the design here.


5. TEDxBoulder’s multifaceted badges
Letterpress studio Good Apples, Boulder designed a name badge for TEDxBoulder that served as program, necklace, and was selected for the Communication Arts Design Annual that year.


  1. These are great, though I still think that very large and landscape name badges are the way to go. Being able to see a person name from a distance breaks down barriers, facilitates making connections.

  2. I love these designs, especially the one with the city landscape. Badges are an important security measure, but they can also be fun! My friend and I ran a small business, and we’ve just ordered name badges and IDs for our employees. We were creative with our badges too, and they turned out to be great!

  3. This is a great post. I love your ideas for less boring name tags. Lots of companies get caught up in other details and forget about these. Thanks for sharing

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