Why emotional hygiene matters

TEDxLinnaeusUniversity speaker Guy Winch is an expert in emotional first aid, and he thinks we should be, too. Yet, there is a stigma, he says, to dealing with psychological injuries like we do physical injuries: as something we all need to assess and treat.

No one would tell you, “Oh, it’s all in your head; just shake it off,” if you broke your leg, Winch says, yet — somehow — this is a normal thing to say to someone with depression. “‘Can you imagine saying that to somebody with a broken leg?” he says, “‘Oh, just walk it off — it’s all in your leg.’”

“How is it that we take more time taking care of our teeth than we do taking care of our mind?” Winch asks. “Why is it [that] our physical health is so much more important to us than our psychological health?”

“We sustain psychological injuries, even more often than we do physical ones,” he says. “Injuries like failure or rejection or loneliness. And they can also get worse if we ignore them and they can impact our lives in dramatic ways, and yet, even though there are scientifically-proven ways we could use to treat these kinds of psychological injuries, we don’t.”

“It’s time we close the gap between our physical and psychological health,” he says. “It’s time we made them equal.”


How? Watch Winch’s whole talk to learn more:


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  2. akanksha gupta

    This was an amazing talk. Very insightful. Thank you very much to the TEDx team and Dr. Guy Winch.

    I was however wondering if there are more articles, blogs or a website etc by Dr. Guy Winch where I can read more of his stuff. Is there anywhere where he has broken down the process of emotional healing and psychological hygiene in to baby steps that an individual can take. Because while what he said made so much sense but to imbibe these changes and emotionally uplifting habits one feels lost as to where to start and how to proceed.

  3. giuseppe

    Guy Winch gives an advice for each of the common emotional pains except loneliness.
    How is it possible to increase connection with people?
    Or is it better to try to spend your time with people you know you connect with?
    In Guy’s scenario, would he have to go back home and live with his family?

  4. The best Ted ever
    Thank you very much
    Hugs from Brazil

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