Spotlight TEDx Talk: The strange story of lithium


A model of lithium.

Lithium. What do you know about it? Well, you might know that it’s a chemical element with an atomic number of 3 that’s situated on the top-left of the table of elements. Or, as TEDxNewYork speaker Ben Lillie suggests, you may know it’s used in medication, for batteries and as a muse for a few rock songs.

But Lillie wants you to know that lithium is weirder and more interesting than you think. “Lithium is one of the strangest elements in the universe,” he says, ” … and it probably shouldn’t be on Earth at all.”

Why? Watch his talk to learn more:


  1. Tim Wilson

    This is brilliant!!

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  3. Silvia Garrido

    This is awesome ;D

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