Playlist: 3 talks from TEDxChange that will make you want to change the world

Utibe Effiong speaks at TEDxBerlin

Utibe Effiong speaks at TEDxBerlin

TEDxChange — a collaboration between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and TEDx that launched in 2010 — focuses on addressing issues of health and development through TEDx Talks, giving rise to talks on powerful subjects affecting the globe, ranging from access to vaccines to novel ways to protect against malaria to expanding and improving world healthcare.

This year, 12 TEDx events from around the world are working together to curate their own TEDxChange sessions at their events, sharing talks and spotlighting members of their local community with big ideas and novel solutions that could change the face of development and healthcare.

To celebrate the program, we’ve selected three talks from TEDxChange events that are sure to inspire:

Science on the spot to defeat diseases of poverty | Elisa Lopez Varela | TEDxMadrid
In this talk, Elisa Lopez Varela, a TB/HIV researcher, calls for a reformation of research into widespread infectious diseases. Effective healthcare, she says, has many parts, and that includes privileged communities advocating for scientific research of “diseases of the poor;” health workers taking cultural norms into account when administrating treatment; and acceptance of new treatments.

My story for vaccines | Utibe Effiong | TEDxBerlin
As a student in Lagos, Utibe Effiong contracted meningitis and was unconscious for two weeks. In this stirring talk at TEDxBerlin, he examines how this deadly diseases affects citizens of his home country of Nigeria and calls for efforts to get vaccines to those who need them in areas where vaccination rates are low.

The lucky iron fish | Christopher Charles | TEDxDubaiSalon
At TEDxDubaiSalon, Christopher Charles shares the devastating ripple effect of anemia in the world and the story of how working as a researcher of the condition in Cambodia led to a discovery of a low-cost treatment that could help millions around the world.

To watch more TEDxChange talks, check out the TEDxChange page on

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