Playlist: 11 talks on amazing animals

Photo by TEDxCharleston speaker Vincent J. Musi

Photo by TEDxCharleston speaker Vincent J. Musi

Tracking koalas, analyzing bird songs, protecting elephants — these are just a few of the things TEDx speakers do in their lives offstage. Below, a playlist highlighting some of the outstanding TEDx Talks on animals:

KoalaTracker | Alex Harris | TEDxNoosa
When Alex Harris realized how little data was available about wild populations of one of her home country’s most beloved animals — the koala — she decided  that if any real progress was to be made in understanding and protecting these creatures, this fact had to change. So she created, a crowdsourced effort to map the locations of and log information about wild koalas.

Simulating bird songs to study cultural evolution | Gillian Crozier | TEDxLaurentianU
At TEDxLaurentianU, researcher Gillian Crozier explores how bird songs can help researchers learn about culture — looking at how songbirds learn their songs, how these songs intersect with birds’ behavior and how the songs fit habitats.

Fascinating ants — lessons for humans? | Danielle Mersch | TEDxZurich
Danielle Mersch loves ants. At TEDxZurich, the biologist shares fascinating and bizarre facts about these insects and their behavior.

Elephants – gentle, warmhearted giants | Bodo Förster | TEDxKlagenfurt
In this passionate talk from TEDxKlagenfurt, animal advocate (and former zookeeper) Bodo Förster provides insight into the lives of elephants in Thailand, drawing from his experience working with populations in Mae Sapok.

Watch the whole playlist below:

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