Playlist: Talks to understand how we work and how to work better (together)


Creativity, productivity, distraction, collaboration. These talks from TEDx events all over the world explore those themes, looking at how we generate ideas, work together, socialize and keep ourselves creative in a distracting world. Take a moment and watch:

Innovation is a collective genius | Linda Hill | TEDxCambridge
At TEDxCambridge, Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill shares her research on teamwork, idea generation, constructive debate, decision-making and inquisitive thinking within groups of people at organizations.

The neuroscience of social intelligence | Bill von Hippel | TEDxUQ
Psychologist Bill von Hippel studies social interaction in humans. Specifically, why some of us can be so bad at navigating social situations, while others can make even the most awkward happenings flow seamlessly. At TEDxUQ, he explains how he and his team work to uncover what determines the gap between social knowledge and intelligence in humans.

The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor | TEDxBloomington
At TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor explores the motivating power of happiness and how a positive outlook affects work success.

Success through social physics | Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland | TEDxBeaconStreet
Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland shares years of research in the science of human social interaction and explores how learning from the ins-and-outs of our social patterns could affect how we operate as people.

Creativity in the age of distraction | Kim Wilkins | TEDxUQ
At TEDxABQ, novelist Kim Wilkins looks at the pressure to be constantly available and constantly engaging (not to mention constantly marketing oneself) in the age of social media, and uses inspiration from English literature to show how to take a step away and cultivate a determined creativity to fuel all creative output.

Watch all the talks below:



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  2. Raghavan

    the talks by linda hill,shawn achor and bill von hippel were quite authentic and useful in terms of application and value.

  3. Raghavan

    the talks by linda hill,shawn achor and bill von hippel were quite authentic and useful in terms of application

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