Playlist: Tiny houses, 10-item wardrobes, cutting out food waste — talks on consuming less

A tiny house in the autumn (Photo:  Tammy Strobel, Flickr)

A tiny house in the autumn (Photo: Tammy Strobel, Flickr)

Many people accumulate a disproportionate amount of stuff, says many TEDx speakers. Below, ways to cut down on excess, from condensing your wardrobe to living in a tiny house on wheels. Watch the talks below:

What exactly is a ‘tiny house’? | Amy Henion | TEDxNortheasternU
At TEDxNortheasternU, Amy Henion breaks down a trend that has emerged in the United States — living in “tiny houses,” small homes that are less than 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet high and can be moved on a trailer.

What is the sharing economy and why does it matter? | M Andre Primus | TEDxFlourCity
At TEDxFlourCity, M Andre Primus gives a primer on the sharing economy and explores how sharing could help people “live better with less.”

Life, edited | Graham Hill | TEDxMaui
At TEDxMaui, Graham Hill explores American excess and how those with a lot could consciously choose to consume less to cut down on energy and resources used.

The 10-item wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott | TEDxStGeorge
Many people add clothes to their closets without assessing whether they wear the clothes they already own, says writer Jennifer L. Scott. She believes that 10 items is all one needs to have a complete wardrobe, and at TEDxStGeorge she explains why.

A life built on experiences, not stuff | Sean Bonner | TEDxVienna
At TEDxVienna, Sean Bonner shares an experiment he took on in his life: Cut down on stuff and bank up experiences.

A recipe for cutting food waste | Peter Lehner | TEDxManhattan
“The average American family spends $2000 on food it doesn’t eat,” says Executive Director of America’s Natural Resources Defense Council, Peter Lehner. At TEDxManhattan, he shares easy and low-tech ways to cut down on food waste.


Watch all the talks below:


  1. Michelle Jones

    There is also this talk from TEDxConcordiaUPortland 2011 by Dee Williams, one of the pioneers of the tiny house movement. She and her company designed and built Tammy Strobel’s tiny house pictures on the cover photo of this blog post and Tammy was the on stage host for this TEDx event featuring Dee as a speaker.

    Check it out:

  2. At TEDxLincoln (in Nebraska in the middle of farm country USA) we had a talk at our 2014 event focused on growing your own food as much as possible in the space (yard) around your house. This is a story of one man who is such a local food evangelist, he’s gotten his neighborhood involved. And right now, when it’s below freezing with snow still on the ground, he’s growing lettuce which we’ll serve at our viewing party for TEDxManhattan on March 7. Watch, I think you’ll be inspired.

  3. Kimberly Anderson

    I desire a tiny house from a different of reasons. Many different reasons. Money and ability to save for future..sustainable resources to be used like solar..going as green as possible… having good insulation….using least amount of affordable housing appliance…I would want any vehicle that is eco friendly on wheels. I would need a customarily built home. I would like to be a part of the planning process. If you are 1 you can live in a tiny house….I desire info on the resources of builders and communities. Thanks

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