At a TEDx event in Beirut, a wall for letting go of worries and fears

TEDxLAU's "Let X Go Wall" (Photo: Reine Azzi)

TEDxLAU’s “Let X Go Wall” (Photo: Reine Azzi)

At TEDxLAU, an event at Lebanese American University in Beirut, attendees took part in a giant collaborative art project, deemed the — “Let X Go Wall.”

“The idea was to have a huge black wall with the phrase “Let X Go” stenciled on it,” says organizer Reine Azzi, “with ‘X’ to be determined by the attendee. ‘X’ could be your worries, fears, concerns for the future, anything you have on your mind that causes you worry. Attendees wrote on that wall all day, using only white chalk. No color.”

Once the event ended, the wall became something else completely, Azzi says. Attendees were given nylon pouches filled with colored powder and invited to throw these pouches at the wall — “erasing their worries and drowning their sorrows in beautiful patches of color,” says Azzi. “The activity was described as therapeutic and became the highlight of the day for many participants.”

TEDxLAU's "Let X Go Wall" (Photo: Reine Azzi)

Attendees get ready to erase the “Let X Go Wall” (Photo: Reine Azzi)

Wrote one attendee: “We wrote all the things that are stopping us from moving on and that we need to get rid of … At the end of the day, we all gathered facing this huge black wall … I searched for the three words I wrote on that wall and threw my favorite color aggressively [at] them … that was amazingly therapeutic. … with all what’s happening in this world and especially in Lebanon in addition to the stress we’re facing daily, I wish I [could] do it everyday!”

TEDxLAU attendees cover the "Let X Go Wall" with color (Photo: Reine Azzi)

TEDxLAU attendees cover the “Let X Go Wall” with color (Photo: Reine Azzi)

The act of erasing the wall quickly turned into a playful “color fight” that ended with attendees blanketed in colored powder, but no one seemed to mind, says Azzi. “It took a while to clean up,” she says, “but that was definitely worth it to see the smiles on people’s faces.”


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