Want to watch a TED Conference live? What about live at your City Hall? In a movie theater? TEDxLive events make that happen.

TEDx'ers watch TED live at a TEDxLive event

TEDx’ers watch TED live at a TEDxLive event

Some things are better shared — and we think TED is one of them. TED2015 is just 10 days away (!) and with speakers like performance artist Marina Abramović, StoryCorps founder Dave Isay, cancer researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee and exoplanet expert Sara Seager, why wouldn’t you want to get in on the action?

All over the world, TEDx’ers are organizing viewing parties — TEDxLive events — around day two of the conference (Tuesday, March 17) watching live talks via webcast in venues of all kinds — from a City Hall to the storeroom of an historic pharmacy and soda fountain.

On our website you can find all TEDxLive events happening around the world — but, as a teaser, here are some TEDxLive events to look out for on the 17th. We will be featuring more events next week:

  1. In Florida, TEDxTallahassee‘s live event will be broadcasting TED2015 in the city commission’s chambers. Organizer Chris Markl is excited to take over City Hall: “It shows that the city supports fostering all that TED represents,” he says.
  2. This year marks TEDxTrondheim in Trondheim, Norway’s 8th TEDxLive event. “We have volunteers from over 15 different countries actively working on our team,” says organizer Martin Hassel, and the event will bring together this international community to a co-working space in downtown Trondheim to watch, talk and socialize.
  3. You won’t need a library card to get into TEDxNorfolkLive at Slover Memorial Library in Norfolk, Virginia, but if you happen to check out a textbook on neuroscience after watching the day’s talks, we won’t blame you. Organizer Rich Moormann is looking forward to hosting an event in a space dedicated to sharing knowledge, building community and opening up resources.
  4. In Bangladesh, TEDxUIULive will take place at the United International University in Dhanmondi. The team will lighten up the atmosphere by creating a specially-constructed TED café on campus. “It will be a refreshing event where people will come to enjoy and engage in discussion and commune with the global feel of TED,” says organizer Ramita Atiq.
  5. After the 17th, TED fans in Jackson, Mississippi will be able to say that they watched TED2015 from the storeroom of a restaurant/speakeasy/historic pharmacy/soda fountain for TEDxJacksonLive.  The back of Brent’s Drugs in Jackson will be filled with food, a big screen and — when the day turns to night — specialty cocktails. Organizer David Pharr thinks the setting will make watching talks a bit more exciting.
  6. In Belgium, TEDxUHasseltLive will stream TED2015 into the biggest atrium of Hasselt University. “High-tech screens are available to stream the live simulcast while the visitors can be seated in nice and comfy TED red chairs, and enjoy the architecturally-stunning old brick walls while simultaneously watching the inspiring and thought-provoking TED talks,” says organizer Martijn Peters. The livestream will be followed by a party in the university’s ‘Wintergarden,’ an indoor space designed for viewing the outdoor garden in the winter months.
  7. Attendees of TEDxJacksonvilleLive will watch TED speakers on the big screen at the Sun-Ray cinema in the historic district of Jacksonville, Florida. “It will be a great event because of the people who attend, who meet one another, who exchange ideas, who are excited about our city and who want to help move this city in a positive direction,” says organizer Doug Coleman.
  8. TEDxMobileLive will be the first-ever TEDx event in Mobile, Alabama. Taking place at Mobile’s Spring Hill College, the event is being designed to connect people in the community. “I’m really hoping to shake things up and get people talking about what’s possible — especially when that means talking to people who aren’t in their usual circles,” says organizer Elyse Goona.
  9. In Brisbane, Australia, members of the Queensland University of Technology community are hosting TEDxQUTLive in an outdoor amphitheater on campus. “We plan on capitalising on the [TED2015] ‘Truth and Dare’ theme with some games and activities,” says organizer Karlee Davies. “We believe that this event will be great because we already have a large community of students who are passionate about TED and TEDx at QUT, and the added elements that we are incorporating this year will appeal to an even greater audience and create a great atmosphere.”
  10. In Fukuoka, Japan TEDxFukuokaLive will take place in a co-working space / café dedicated to encouraging innovation in the city. To look at the ideas shared in the talks more closely, the group will facilitate small group discussions, says organizer Joe Okubo, both in English and Japanese.

These are just a handful of the many great events centered on this month’s conference. We’ll be sharing more great TEDxLive events next Tuesday!


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