Playlist: Robots, they’re just like us! 4 talks about robots doing cool stuff

Humanoid robots compete in Robocup (Photo: RoboCup2013, Flickr)

Humanoid robots compete in Robocup (Photo: RoboCup2013, Flickr)

Robots. Need we say more? Below, 4 talks on robotic creations of all kinds, from an A.I. drummer to the story behind a humanoid robot soccer team:

Using A.I. to model human virtuosity | Axel Tidemann | TEDxTrondheim
Musician/A.I. researcher Axel Tidemann studies the ways robots can imitate human musicians. In a fascinating talk at TEDxTrondheim, he introduces his A.I. drummer, Software for Hierarchical Extraction and Imitation [of drum patterns in a] Learning Agent (SHIELA), named after drummer Sheila E. SHIELA is designed to humanize the perfectly-playing, rigid drum machine, making robotic drumming sound natural.

Fabricating open-source baby robots | Pierre-Yves Oudeyer | TEDxCannes
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer builds baby robots, who like human babies, are curious learners that explore the world around them. At TEDxCannes, he explains how his robots go through (artificial) cognitive development, from learning to vocalize with other robots to developing their own language and vocabulary.

What soccer-playing robots have to do with healthcare | Steve McGill | TEDxColumbiaEngineering
Robotics researcher Steve McGill works to develop ways that robots can assist in human healthcare. At TEDxColumbiaEngineering, he explains how his work with a humanoid robot soccer team jump-started this research.

Making useless machines | Bryan Cera | TEDxUWMilwaukee
Artist Bryan Cera makes machines that are … well … useless. In this peculiar talk, Cera introduces us to his creations that procrastinate, play and entertain.

Watch all the talks below:


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