10 more cool/weird places the TEDx community is watching TED2015 live

TEDx'ers watch TEDGlobal in a planetarium

TEDx’ers watch TEDGlobal in a planetarium

Some things are better shared — and we think TED is one of them.

All over the world, TEDx’ers are organizing viewing parties — TEDxLive events — around day two of TED2015 (Tuesday, March 17) to watch talks live via webcast in venues of all kinds.

Last week, we introduced you to 10 events hosting live webcasts of talks from TED2015, and below, 10 more events to look out for next Tuesday:

  1. TEDxOsijekLive, the first TEDx event in Osijek, Croatia, will take place at a newly-opened co-working space in Osijek. Organizer Ivan Stamenković is excited to bring TED2015 to Osijek, and hopes the event will draw excitement for future events in the city.
  2. At TEDxISMDhanbad in Dhanbad, India, organizer Shashank Mishra is hoping that the ideas of TED2015 will engage the local community across groups — from high school and university students to professionals and government officials. The event will be held at a local school and the organizing team will screen the conference in a room fit for conversation, says Mishra.
  3. For their event, TEDxMaksimirLive will be streaming TED2015 live to the interior of the highest bar in the Croatia’s capital, located on the 17th floor of a skyscraper on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić Square. “That means we will be in the center of the city,” says organizer Karlo Matić, who notes that TEDxMaksimir will celebrate the four-year anniversary of their event this year with the community.
  4. In Bogotá, the students of Gimnasio La Montaña are hosting a viewing party, TEDxGLMLive, at their school. “TEDx has become an important part of our culture,” says organizer and educator Fernando Díaz del Castillom who oversees the student team. “The team putting together the TEDxLive event is also working on a TEDxYouth@GLM Salon series that starts the week before and a TEDxYouth@GLM event in April,” he says. “We are working hard on engaging our community with transformative, innovative ideas throughout the whole school year.”
  5. TEDxWestminsterCollegeLive will be the first TEDx event at the Fulton, Missouri college. Organizer Shrijan Amatya is excited to screen the conference live and connect the college and city communities through discussing the talks.
  6. TEDxHoustonLive will take place at The Texas Medical Center accelerator (TMCx), a space dedicated to connecting a network of hospitals with start-ups and researchers working to improve healthcare. “We are going to be gathering in a space that will be accelerating innovation for many years to come,” says organizer Javier Fadul. “The community will watch the event from a very nicely-designed classroom, and will be able to explore this new venue through guided tours.”
  7. In Wyoming, TEDxCasperLive will be held in the city’s downtown in a mini screening room part of a warehouse-turned-office-space. A “TEDx pub” will be created next to the theater for digesting the day’s talks over food and drink.
  8. In China, TEDxNingboULive is being held at the University’s hotel and is hoping to connect the University and city community through talks, discussion and open dialogue about the future of their city.
  9. In Sudan, GeziraUniversityLive will take place at Gezira University’s Faculty of Medicine in Wad Medan. Organizer Anmar Homeida hopes it will inspire and energize the community, saying, “I think GeziraUniversityLive will be great because of its goal of letting the Sudanese students, doctors and professors understand the concept of TED and TEDx perfectly by seeing the great talks from the main stage of TED, and that through TEDx we can really show the world how Sudan is great, and how the Sudanese people — regardless of all they face — can change the world.”
  10.  In Zurich, the TEDxZurich team will celebrate their 6th year of TEDx events in the Swiss city with a TED2015 livestream party in a co-working space built underneath an old train viaduct. Because of the time difference between Zurich and Vancouver, the event will be an all-night affair, streaming TED Talks from 4 p.m. until 3 a.m. There will be snacks, a game based on the TED2015 theme of “Truth or Dare” and even TED Bingo, says organizer David Nydegger. “There will be a special atmosphere of inspired, but crazy sleepy people in the room,” he says.

These are just a handful of the many great events centered on this month’s conference. Read about more TEDxLive events here or find an event near you on our website.


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