The stories of street artists from around the world — through TEDx

The work of TEDxPhnomPenh's Peap Tarr

The work of TEDxPhnomPenh’s Peap Tarr

Street artists transform the cities which they call home, and TEDx teams notice. From TEDxGothenburg in Sweden to TEDxPhnomPenh in Cambodia to TEDxAtlanta in the United States, TEDx communities all over the world have asked street artists to take the stage and share how they create, what they do and why they do it. And the results have been amazing — talks that inspire, and images of symbolic and provocative art all over their cities.

From TEDxAverio's  Alexandre Farto a.k.a Vhils

By TEDxAverio’s Alexandre Farto a.k.a Vhils

By TEDxBrum's Mohammed Ali

By TEDxBrum’s Mohammed Ali

To celebrate this global symphony of artistic work, TED has teamed with the Google Cultural Institute to showcase the art, ideas and stories of street artists who have captivated TEDx audiences worldwide.

For more art (and talks), take a look at TED’s TEDx Street Art exhibit, part of the Cultural Institute featured collection of street art from across the globe.


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