5 easy ways to make StoryCorps part of your TEDx event

Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps and 2015 TED Prize winner

Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps and 2015 TED Prize winner

Are you as excited as we are about today’s TED Talk by TED Prize winner and founder of StoryCorps, Dave Isay? Given just last week at TED2015, Isay tells his wish for the world:

“Help me spark a global movement to record and preserve meaningful conversations with one another that results in an ever-growing digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity.”

StoryCorps believes that every story and every voice matters – a belief shared with the entire TEDx community. Besides downloading the StoryCorps app and choosing someone to interview, TEDx organizing teams can bring StoryCorps to their event in these 5 easy ways:

  1. Share Dave Isay’s TED Talk at your event.
  2. Encourage your attendees to download the StoryCorps app.
  3. Create a listening/recording booth at your event or in your community. (Ok, this is the least simple way on this list, but still doable! It could be as simple as a quiet room with a table and two chairs, like this one at TEDActive.)
  4. Print and distribute StoryCorps postcards to attendees and encourage them to send their postcards to someone they’d like to interview. (Here’s the front and back for printing.)
  5. Make a custom StoryCorps tag for your TEDx event and have attendees tag their interviews.

The possibilities are endless, really; this list is just the beginning! The StoryCorps app will roll out in other languages in the next few months. We’ll keep you updated on that and other ways to make it part of your TEDx event!


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