How to: Arm your sponsors and partners with the material to tell your TEDx story

Attendees at TEDxPurdueU

Attendees at TEDxPurdueU

A great TEDx event becomes part of the fabric of the community in which it takes place. One of the ways a TEDx team does that is through their sponsors and partners — getting to know the people and business that help their home cities and towns thrive — whether that’s a chef of a local restaurant, the team at a new start-up, or the dean of a local university.

As TEDx teams, you partner with these groups because you know they care about big ideas, because they believe your event is a worthwhile endeavor, a positive addition to the community, something that opens up dialogue, starts conversations, and give a stage to fresh and emerging ideas in your community and the greater world.

A way to extend the footprint of your TEDx event is to help these sponsors and partners tell your TEDx story — share with the community what you are doing and why. However,  it can be difficult to figure out how to do that before and after the big day.

To help, we have 5 tips for arming your sponsors and partners with the material to tell your TEDx story:

1. Write out why you have your event and what your greatest hopes are for it. Share this with your partners.

2. When you share your speaker list with your sponsors, write out why you chose each speaker and why you think their idea is important to your community. Again, share this. Let your enthusiasm inspire all who work with the event.

3. Help your sponsors and partners share your story on social media. Write out sample tweets, Facebook posts, and other short messages they can use to share information about the event. Provide them with short links to your website, speaker lineup, and other materials you want the greater community to see. Encourage your sponsors to add their own spin to the writing, and feel free help them identify why this event matters to them. (Note: TEDx teams cannot write about their sponsors or partners on social media, but sponsors are free to share their involvement with a TEDx event)

4. Ask your sponsors which speaker they are most excited to see on the big day. Brainstorm ways to connect sponsors and speakers without letting the sponsors affect any material in the speakers’ talks. Perhaps they could work on a project together after the event? Asking your sponsors to think about and engage with the ideas at the event can help all of you better understand why you want to spread these ideas.

5. Send photos! Of your team preparing for the event, of how you’re planning to design the event, of the event after the big day. Make sure to tell sponsors and partners which hashtag to use if they would like to share these on social media.

For more ideas on working with sponsors and partners, check out our TEDx organizing guide here.

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