Playlist: The things to know about interspecies feces

A dung beetle pushes his prized poo across the ground (Photo: )

A dung beetle pushes his prized poo across the ground (Photo: Marcus Byrne at TEDxWitsUniversity )

Pooping. As the saying goes, everybody does it! If you dare, take a moment to become intimately acquainted with how living organisms take out their biological trash with the three talks below:

Cool heads — reasons for dung beetles to dance | Marcus Byrne | TEDxWitsUniversity
At TEDxWitsUniversity, Professor Marcus Byrne gives us insight into what exactly dung beetles do all day. His research shows us that the life of a dung beetle is much more complicated than rolling around a few balls of poo — there’s dancing involved.

The gardeners of the forest | Ian Redmond | TEDxSouthamptonUniversity
As a conservation biologist, Ian Redmond’s life work is to protect and save highly endangered species. At TEDxSouthamptonUniversity, he shares why ecosystems would fail without these animals, their excrement and how important their roles are as the “gardeners” of the forest.

How is your toilet making you stressed? | Peter Codling | TEDxLoughborough
Heads up, you’re probably pooping wrong. Designer Peter Codling wants to fix this. Find out how to change your stance on feces, at TEDxLoughborough.

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