For Mother’s Day, TEDx Talks on motherhood

 Christy Hegarty at TEDxBloomington

Christy Hegarty at TEDxBloomington

It’s Mother’s Day in the United States. To celebrate motherhood in its many expressions, three TEDx talks on being a mom:

Spelling father | Marshall Davis-Jones | TEDxHollywood
Marshall Davis-Jones performs a touching tribute to his mother and motherhood in a spoken word piece at TEDxHollywood.

Unconditional love — journey with our transgender child | Christy Hegarty | TEDxBloomington
At TEDxBloomington, Christy Hegarty gives a moving talk on parenting a child who doesn’t identity with the gender she was assigned at birth — something that has inspired Hegarty to advocate for a more understanding, more open world for transgender children and their families.

Moms on the Job | Anne Murphy Brown | TEDxUrsulineCollege
As a young girl, Anne Murphy Brown was told she could do or be anything — a lawyer, an astronaut, a politician — but one thing they didn’t tell her, she says at TEDxUrsulineCollege, is who would be watching her kids if she did, In her talk, she lays out some of the social, legal and economic hardships working mothers face in the U.S. and asks citizens to question why these barriers continue to exist.

Rebranding the Single Mom | Cara Lemieux | TEDxUrsulineCollege
Journalist Cara Lemieux thinks the media needs to stop portraying single motherhood as an epidemic, scourge or lapse in character or intelligence. At TEDxUrsulineCollege she explores the stigma associated with the phrase “single mom” and the feelings she faced when she found herself a single mother. Lemieux calls for all of us to reconsider what we think about “single moms” to make the world a more compassionate space for all mothers.

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