Spotlight: 10 great TEDxWomen events from around the globe


This week, nearly 250 TEDxWomen events will be watching the TEDWomen 2015 broadcast from theaters, schools, at least a few museums and many other venues — gathering for conversation, discussion and speakers from their own cities and towns.

Previously, we brought you previews of five great events from around the world, and now we have ten more. On our website you can find all TEDxWomen events happening this week — but, as a teaser, here are more TEDxWomen events to look out for as the week unfolds:

  1. TEDxNewBedfordWomen in Dartmouth, Vermont will embrace the casual atmosphere at a local restaurant for discussion, conversation and food. Organizer Dolores Hirschmann looks forward to seeing what conversations emerge and how the event affects the energy of the community.
  2. In London, TEDxCoventGardenWomen will take over the Museum of London — offering up big ideas, a space for relaxing and reflecting on talks, and even TEDx-themed marshmallows.
  3. TEDxLincolnWomen in Lincoln, Nebraska plans to augment a session of TEDWomen with four local speakers, exploring everything from climate science to the importance of uncensored literature.
  4. TEDxSãoPaulo‘s TEDxWomen event will be held at the Museum of Art of São Paulo. The team will bring 23 speakers — women and men — to the stage with the youngest speaker being 15 and the eldest 79. Tickets sold out in less than a week, says organizer Elena Crescia, so the team at TEDxSãoPaulo will broadcast the event live on a giant screen on Paulista Avenue — an iconic spot in the city.
  5. TEDxOsijekWomen — the first TEDxWomen event in Osijek — will be held outside in a public park. TEDWomen will be broadcasted on a big screen and live speakers will explore ideas from the community.
  6. In Howard Springs, Australia the team of TEDxPalmerstonWomen plans to use recipes culled from around the world to bake homemade bread before the event. During the event, talks will be shown and on breaks, attendees will be invited to picnic outside with tea, bread, jams and big blankets.
  7. The team at Hong Kong’s TEDxWanChaiWomen is piloting a fellowship program at the event, inviting ten students from across the city to attend and meet up with speakers. “[The students] will be sitting down for a lunch with two of our speakers,” says organizer Vincent Ng. “Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary of HK (the first female politician to hold the number two position in HK government), and Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of the Women’s Foundation.” Ng hopes the experience will help these young leaders to spark change in the larger Hong Kong community.
  8. TEDxCairoWomen will be held in the library of the American University of Cairo. In the lead-up to the event, the event’s team put out a call to local artists for pieces that would speak to the event and transform the library into the perfect venue for their TEDxWomen event, says organizer Manal Kelig.
  9. TEDxBlagoevgradWomen is the first-ever TEDxWomen event in Blagoevgrad, making Blagoevgrad the second city in Bulgaria to have a TEDxWomen event. “What we deem particularly interesting about our event is the fact that it takes place in a community where TED and TEDx are almost unheard of,” says organizer Despina Koleva. “We are investing a tremendous amount of work, time and dedication in order to bring an outstanding event to our community and we believe that it will truly be such.”
  10. TEDxStockholmWomen is focused on bringing the local community together. The event’s mobile app will not only share details about the event, but will also allow attendees to create profiles and exchange information. “[Attendees can] explore the opportunity to introduce themselves first through the app and then during the [break],” organizer Ksenia Forsheneva says. “We encourage our audience to interact a lot as you might be sitting only two rows away from your future business partner or a supporter of your next great idea — you never know.”

These are just a handful of the many great events centered on this week’s conference. We’ll be sharing more great TEDxWomen events soon!

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