At TEDxLyon, a door to human knowledge


TEDxLyon’s Serendipity Door by Studio FLAIR

For their second event, the team at TEDxLyon worked with design firm Studio FLAIR to create an art installation built around the event’s theme, “Serendipity.”  What emerged was something they called The Serendipity Door. The Serendipity Door is a physical door that, when opened, triggers a video projection and sound system to play a clip from a selection of video footage of cultural and academic significance.

The team curated all clips, many of which were inspired by material included on NASA’s Golden Records — the phonograph records fit with music, images and sounds to represent the Earth to, as NASA says, “any other spacefarers that might find them in the distant future.”

“We were fascinated with the idea of somebody opening a physical door to a new dimension,” says the TEDxLyon team, “especially when this dimension is pure knowledge.”

The door was a huge hit, the team says, with some attendees lingering to watch a clip in full and others opening and closing the door quickly to see the scope of what the door offered.

For more, watch a video of the door in action below:

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