Playlist: 7 talks explore urban farming across the globe

TEdxZurich speaker Roman Gaus's onstage pop-up farm (Photo: TEDxZurich)

TEDxZurich speaker Roman Gaus’s onstage pop-up farm (Photo: TEDxZurich)

From pop-up farms in Zurich to garden lawns in Lincoln, Nebraska, these seven talks show how city dwellers are growing food, right where they live, work and eat:

How a rooftop farm feeds a city | Mohamed Hage | TEDxUdeM
Mohamed Hage is the founder of Lufa Farms, a giant rooftop farm in the heart of Montreal. In this talk at TEDxUdeM, he shares how the farm feeds two thousand people with vegetables “that have never seen a fridge.”

The Edible City | Klara Hansson | TEDxGöteborg
Permacologist Klara Hansson wants the city of Göteborg to be edible. In this talk, she shares how that could be done, from creating designated food-growing areas in the city to teaching the public to recognize edible plants already thriving in their backyard.

The Forest Gardener | Dan Harris-Pascal | TEDxCanberra
In this talk at TEDxCanberra, ecologist Dan Harris-Pascal explores how the Australian capital could benefit from the concept of “forest gardening” — using an assortment of plants to mimic the ecosystem of wild forests. A host of public spaces could be transformed into forest gardens, Harris-Pascal says, filled with fruit and nut trees, native shrubs, herbs and edible greens and a bounty of food for public consumption.

Revitalizing the ‘hood with urban agriculture | Duron Chavis | TEDxRVA
Duron Chavis’s talk at TEDxRVA addresses the inequality between access to food in high and low-income neighborhoods in his city. Low-income neighborhoods in the city of Richmond are often food deserts, Chavis says — areas where a supermarket is more than a mile away and access to fresh fruit and vegetables is extremely limited. This lack of access to healthy food is dangerous to residents’ health and well-being, Chavis says, but there is hope for change. He proposes the introduction of urban farms in low-income areas — a way to boost business and food access at the same time.

Growing your own food, easy as 1, 2, 3 | Claire Reid | TEDxJohannesburgWomen
Claire Reid has invented a system to make gardening easier for urbanites. Her creation, Reel Gardening, is a biodegradable paper strip filled with soil, fertilizer and seeds at a growable distance apart. Users bury the tape and water their new garden plot according to instructions. At TEDxJohannesburgWomen, she explores how making gardening easier can empower horticulture novices to cultivate their own food.

Growing food, growing community — the example of the Hawley Hamlet | Tim Rinne | TEDxLincoln
At TEDxLincoln, Tim Rinne shares the story of how he turned his lawn into a garden and started a neighborhood trend in the process.

Why I create pop-up farms in my city | Roman Gaus | TEDxZurich
In this talk, Roman Gaus shares how he and his friends install pop-up farms in random places all over Zurich with the help of recycled corrugated containers, plants and fish.

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