Playlist: 4 TEDx Talks on the wonders of the oceans

One of TEDxGunnHighSchool speaker Tom Gruber's underwater snapshots

One of TEDxGunnHighSchool speaker Tom Gruber’s underwater snapshots

The ocean is full of all sorts of strange and fascinating flora, fauna and phenomena. In these talks from TEDx events around the globe, ocean explorers look at the beauty, history and mystery of the sea. Watch them below:

Hidden reefs of the deep sea | Laura Robinson | TEDxBrussels
Geochemist Laura Robinson uses an underwater vacuum to collect coral fossils from the deep sea. Why? Because their chemical makeup may provide clues as to how and why the Earth exited the last ice age. At TEDxBrussels, she explains the process behind this fossil hunt.

Colorful Lives: Photographic Stories from the Ocean | Tom Gruber | TEDxGunnHighSchool
What do you learn when you spend your free time photographing sea creatures? A lot, says Tom Gruber, who’s learned about everything from searching for pygmy seahorses to the breeding habits of clown fish during years of underwater photography. At TEDxGunnHighSchool, he shares some of the photos he’s taken and the lessons he’s learned.

Why explore the deep sea? | Erik Cordes | TEDxTempleU
Marine biologist Erik Cordes studies a very particular ecosystem — the deep sea of the Gulf of Mexico. At TEDxTempleU, Cordes explores the ecology of this area and the unique creatures that inhabit it: underwater worms that survive in a place where the sun does not reach; bacteria that thrive on the the area’s natural oil and gas seepage; and the reefs they populate.

Living in an underwater sea lab | Deron Burkpile and Michael Heithaus | TEDxFIU
Marine biologists Deron Burkpile and Michael Heithaus study coral reefs. To do so, they live at the Aquarius Reef Base, an underwater laboratory located off the coast of Florida, 60 feet below the ocean’s surface. In a talk at TEDxFIU, Burkpile talks about what’s it like to live underwater — to have a daily commute of a 5-minute swim — while Heithaus calls in from the ocean’s floor to talk about Aquarius’s research.

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