In Spain, TEDxAlcoi pilots a hot air balloon over a city square

TEDxAlcoi's "Among the Clouds" TEDx Adventure

TEDxAlcoi’s “Among the Clouds” TEDx Adventure

Several months after their first Salon event, the team at TEDxAlcoi took their community on an adventure — an investigation into the physics of hot air ballooning — floating above Plaza al Azraq in the city.

In line with the history of TEDx Adventures, experiences designed to let members of TEDx communities interact with ideas in their local community, TEDxAlcoi teamed with Spanish ballooners TotGlobo to explain how hot air ballooning works in the 21st century. “We learned a lot about the components and operation of the balloon,” writes team member Julia Begoña in a blog post on the Adventure. TotGlobo explained to the group that the basket is the only part of the balloon structure that has stayed consistent through the years, Begoña reports: “It is true that varies in shape and size, but the base material has been and remains wicker.”


As the day unfolded, TEDxAlcoi Adventure participants watched the technicians assemble the balloon, asked questions about the process and — once the balloon was prepped and ready — soared above the square well into the June night.

Watch a video recap of the Adventure above.

For more on TEDxAlcoi and their Adventures, visit their website here.

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