A taste of TEDx events from around the world — in film

A still from TEDxKL's 2015 promo video

A still from TEDxKL’s 2015 promo video

Each TEDx event has its own character, flavor, style — inspired by the community surrounding it. Whether an event decides to celebrate local traditions, emerging culture, local landscape and architecture, or something else completely, each event is unique, singular, all while being tied to events across the world by the dedication to ideas worth spreading.

Below, 5 great TEDx trailers and wrap-up videos that showcase the spirit of TEDx around the world:

TEDxKL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In a video coming in at just less than a minute, TEDxKL’s team gives a stunning look into what it was like to be at their 2015 event. The film showcases speakers, volunteers and attendees, all working together to make the day stand out.

TEDxLincoln — Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

TEDxLincoln created this video for potential local partners, but it encapsulates the essence of this American Midwest event for any viewer. Organizer Randy Bretz said he wanted to show the full scope of the city he loves — the verve and innovation that comes out of an area many assume is ho-hum. “At the time … we asked, why is it that Lincoln, Nebraska is such a great place?” he says. “After all, we don’t have mountains to stare at, we don’t have an ocean nearby, heck, many people think Nebraska is boring. But, over and over, people are amazed at the wonderful people who choose to live here.” This video is designed to prove that, he says.

TEDxVennelystBlvd — Aarhus, Denmark

TEDxVennelystBlvd’s “aftermovie” provides highlights of the day spent at the stunning Aarhus University — from interactions with VR helmets to writing on chalkboards to playing with Legos. Attendees talk about their impressions of the event and we see everything from food to a band performance.

TEDxAugusta — Augusta, Georgia, USA

David Walker at TEDxAugusta
from Armard Andrews on Vimeo.

This short film follows a former TEDxAugusta speaker as he attends the event as an audience member. He explains his reasoning behind the decision, the things he’s learned from being a speaker and an attendee, all while cameras follow and document his conversations and insights at this event in the American South. “This year’s TEDxAugusta didn’t disappoint,” Walker says in the film. “… To me it’s like an oasis; it’s like a refuge; it’s a place where I go can go where people are just enthusiastic. You meet so many different kinds of people from so many different locations, so many different walks of life.”

TEDxNCU — National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

TEDxNCU, a University event in Taiwan made this wrap-up video to showcase their 2014 event. It captures everything from registration to art projects to candid shots of attendees making connections, all in less than two minutes.


  1. We have made one here at TEDxBlumenau in Santa Catarina, Brazil, too! =)

  2. Here the showcase video of TEDxVicenza:

    Enjoy the first TEDx event on the he oldest surviving stage set still in existence :)

  3. Scott Fadynich

    So glad to have become a part of TEDxTucson. My wife was a speaker at the very well run TEDxGrandRapids and since have become engrossed in relationships with many inspiring individuals who have overcome hardship to rise above adversity to become leaders of positive thought ..
    Sharing of ideas keeps us as a society in a forward path, just love TEDx


  4. Omar Eldash

    Fayoum, Egypt
    First TEDx event in this small city not very far from Cairo
    A highlight video from Facebook


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