7 photobooths from TEDx events to inspire your next event design

A TEDxRedding attendee shares "why I TEDx." (Photo: Brady Kennedy)

A TEDxRedding attendee shares “why I TEDx.” (Photo: Brady Kennedy)

So, you want to have a photobooth at your TEDx event? Great! Brush up on the TEDx photobooth canon with these images from some very inventive photo sessions at TEDx events around the globe, from TEDxBusan in South Korea to TEDxYouth@Tehran in Iran, these seven events have the photobooth down pat — props, design and all.


TEDxBusan — Busan, South Korea

The TEDxBusan team had mobile go analog with their custom Instagram and text message-themed frames. The portable frames allowed for attendees’ own creativity in posing and landscape, and made for fun, shareable photos for all. See the results below:


TEDxYorkU — Toronto, Canada

The theme of the 2014 TEDxYorkU event at York University in Toronto was “Combustion.” To celebrate this, the team asked attendees to finish the sentence, “The world needs combustion of …” and then photographed the answers in a special photo-ready area of the venue:


TEDxRedding — Redding, California, US

The TEDxRedding team reached out to photographer Brady Kennedy to cover their event. Says Kennedy of the experience: “The TEDx crew had an excellent idea for engaging people who attended the event. They made a large poster with the tagline ‘I TEDx Because…,’ and provided chalkboards that visitors at the event could fill out to explain why they came to support the TEDxRedding cause. I was delighted to capture why so many people from diverse backgrounds and professions chose to attend.” Below, some of Kennedy’s favorite shots from the event:


(Photos: Brady Kennedy)

TEDxYouth@Tehran — Tehran, Iran

For their 2013 TEDxYouth event, the team at TEDxTehran embraced the theme of “The Spark.” They created custom artwork based on the theme and incorporated it into all areas of the event, including their “The Spark Photobooth,” made from giant decorated tiles, which made for the perfect backdrop for youth attendees sharing “the change they want to spark in the world”:


TEDxConcordiaUPortland — Portland, Oregon, US

TEDxConcordiaUPortland went wild with the props and let their attendees go to town. See some of the colorful photos below:


TEDxTaiz — Taiz, Yemen

In Yemen, the TEDxTaiz team turned a regular old lounge chair into the perfect place for photos. A custom backdrop, plenty of props and a lot of enthusiasm made the place a fun gathering spot for TEDx’ers new and old:


TEDxColombo — Colombo, Sri Lanka

TEDxColombo made their event artwork, logo and a lot of red Xs portable with the use of popsicle sticks and creativity. Below, a selection of photos from their “Reimagining Spaces” photobooth.



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