Friday playlist: 20 incredible TEDx dance performances

Mizuho Asano dances at TEDxTokyo

It’s Friday! Celebrate with a whole bunch of fantastic, breathtaking, toe-tapping TEDx dance performances. Trust us; you’ll love it. Watch them all below:

Ballet performance | Kristina Gudziunaite | TEDxVilnius
Kristina Gudziunaite is principal dancer at Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. She takes on ballet at TEDxVilnius.

DJ Crunchtime & No Bodies Crew | TEDxBocaRaton
DJ Crunchtime is a DJ / beatboxer with a skill for mixing genres and beats. No Bodies Crew is a South Florida collective of artists who combine breakdancing, DJ’ing, beatboxing, street art, and emceeing. Watch DJ Crunchtime and a member of No Bodies collaborate for a spectacular performance at TEDxBocaRaton.

BCN Roller Dance | BCN Roller Dance | TEDxBarcelonaWomen
BCN Roller Dance was founded in Barcelona in 2011 by visual designer Michelle Barrios. Watch the crew perform an amazing set on skates at TEDxBarcelonaWomen.

We Dance. We Music. We Visualize. | Maria Kong | TEDxJerusalem
Maria Kong is a team of international artists who combine lights, sound, dance and special effects to create multimedia experiences. At TEDxJerusalem, they take all of these elements to create a mind-bending performance.

Guinea Suite | Wona Womalan, West African Drum and Dance Ensemble | TEDxCharleston
Wona Womalan is by traditional Guinean drum and dance ensemble. Consisting of an all-female Dun-Dun (bass drum) section and amazing dancers, they are dedicated to preserving the arts and culture of West African dance, drum, musical and folkloric traditions. Watch them combine all of this at TEDxCharleston.

D Floor Damager | The Hip Op-eration Crew | TEDxAuckland
The Hip Op-eration Crew is made up of seniors who aim to dispel myths about senior citizens. They are officially the world’s most-aged dance troupe — confirmed by Guinness World Records. Watch them do their thing at TEDxAuckland.

A traditional dance | Mizuho Asano | TEDxTokyo
Mizuho Asano is a master choreographer who specializes in the Mai form of Japanese traditional dance. At TEDxTokyo, Asano performs a gorgeous piece of this layered art form, influenced by Noh drama.

Dance | Kevin Sheaff & Ricky Turner | TEDxPittsburghStatePrison
At TEDxPittsburghStatePrison, Kevin Sheaff and Ricky Turner perform a combination of hip hop, ballet and jazz to convey the message that art offers freedom, even for those in prison. Sheaff and Turner are accompanied by Fermin Martinez on guitar and Angel Ortiz on drums.

Dance | DANCE This | TEDxRainier
DANCE This is a Washington-state-based dance company that brings young people together to express themselves. At TEDxRainier, a member of the company — Alexander Jackson — and a group from the company — MIA (Misses In Action) — perform.

Performance | Gika Savitri | TEDxUbud
Gika Savitri is a native of Bali and has been practicing and performing traditional Balinese dance since the age of five. At TEDxUbud, she performs a piece of traditional Balinese dance and wows the audience.

TANGO | Justyna Jędrzejewska and Andrzej Bernaś | TEDxWarsaw
Justyna Jędrzejewska‘s and Andrzej Bernaś’s are dancers who special in partner dance — be it ballroom, contact improvisation, salsa, jazz or modern. At TEDxWarsaw, they perform a tango, one of their favorites.

The Basquiat of street dance | Storyboard P | TEDxAtlanta
At TEDxAtlanta, genre-bending dancer Storyboard P freestyles to music in real time. It’s mesmerizing.

Propelling Dance Forward through Inclusion | Propeller Dance | TEDxRideauCanal
Propeller Dance is a mixed-ability dance organization providing inclusive, integrated and accessible dance training, education and performance opportunities to people with and without disability. At TEDxRideauCana, members of the company perform a wonderful piece of contemporary dance.

Gotipua Dance performance | Orissa Dance Academy | TEDxXIMB
At TEDxXIMB, members of the Orissa Dance Academy perform a traditional Gotipua dance, native to Odisha. Gotipua dance form took shape in the 16th century and saw widespread acclaim under the Bhoi Dynasty. It is often called the predecessor to the currently prevalent Odissi classical dance.

Drietoma jazz — traditionally untraditional | Nadšenci — a folk dance group | TEDxTrencin
At TEDxTrenčín, Slovakian folk dance group Nadšenci performs a vivacious traditional Slovakian dance and song.

Wide Open Dance: A Tale of Two Cities | Katie Smythe | TEDxMemphis
At TEDxMemphis, a member of the Memphis-based New Ballet Ensemble performs after a talk by Katie Smythe, the company’s founder.

Großstadtsafari | Iceland Dance Company | TEDxReykjavik
The Iceland Dance Company has led the development of Icelandic choreography and nurtured the talent of Icelandic choreographers. At TEDxReykjavik, members of the company perform “Großstadtsafari” by Jo Strømgrem, a piece reflecting on the accumulation of tensions in crowded places.

Express yourself through dance | Banjara School of Dance | TEDxGatewayWomen
The Banjara School of Dance is a Mumbai-based initiative to bring together different dancers from different styles and cultures of dance. At TEDxGatewayWomen, students of the school perform a belly dance set to contemporary music.

Dance Performance | Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale | TEDxYale
Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale was founded in the fall of 1998 by a group of undergraduate students dedicated to the expression of Mexican culture and traditional folk dance. At TEDxYale, members of Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale perform a traditional Mexican folk dance .

Hanging Cube – Synergy | Jason Waugh | TEDxStanleyPark
For the playlist finalé, Vancouver-based aerial arts group Blink Acro perform a gravity-defying dance piece at TEDxStanleyPark.

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