A look at some of the incredible TEDxYouth events celebrating TEDYouth tomorrow!

TEDx'er Juzer Kaed of TEDxYouth@Colombo hangs up TEDYouth photo challenge entries in Sri Lanka (Photo: TEDxYouth@Colombo)

TEDx’er Juzer Kaed of TEDxYouth@Colombo hangs up TEDYouth photo challenge entries in Sri Lanka (Photo: TEDxYouth@Colombo)

TEDYouth 2015: “Made in the Future” is tomorrow!


The conference, celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of youth worldwide, is taking a look at what the world might look like in 2035. From the Brooklyn Museum in New York, twenty-eight speakers (and performers) will investigate the science, art, medicine, technology and more that will make the world of the future thrive.

And around the world, TEDx communities will host their own events, bringing in their own speakers and performers, broadcasting the conference live and dreaming the future with TEDYouth. In Suzhou, Zagreb, Kalamata, Lima and beyond, young people will talk, think, watch, create, discuss and brainstorm.

Below, previews of outstanding 2015 TEDxYouth events, from the teams putting them together:

  • TEDxYouth@NapierBridge, Chennai, India

To be held at the IIT Madras Research Park, an innovation lab in Chennai, TEDxYouth@NapierBridge is a free event bringing together students from all over Chennai to watch TEDYouth. Attendees will include five students from an organization dedicated to making life better for children living in homeless shelters across the country, invited specially to participate in the event.

“We have launched a #BooksWorthSpreading Challenge,” says organizer Shyam Sundar, “for which we have asked participants to bring books on the day of the event to be donated to The Keni Project [an organization dedicated to setting up libraries in underfunded schools]. We will be collecting around 300-500 books.”

  • TEDxYouth@Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

TEDxYouth@Colombo has been getting ready for TEDYouth 2015 by participating in the TEDYouth Photo Challenge. (See their submissions here.) For their event, they will take over the MAS Innovation Centre in the city, a hub for Sri Lankan tech wearables.

We’ve arranged breakout sessions by our leading past speakers from our TEDxColombo and Youth events,” says organizer Safra Anver. These sessions will cover skills in critical thinking, design, sustainable development and more. “We are also having a session on coffee,” she says, “by a partner whose baristas all started at the age of 18 and under.”

As part of the event, TEDxYouth@Colombo will host Sri Lanka’s first OTP Trancribeathon, at which a group of 30 will transcribe talks from Colombo events. “This is a first for us,” says Anver, “and will help create a community of translators and transcribers who can later go on to translate our talks to Sinhala and Tamil.”

  • TEDxYouth@TampaRiverwalk, Tampa, FL, United States

TEDxYouth@TampaRiverwalk’s TEDYouth broadcast will be held at the John F. Germany Public Library in the HIVE, Tampa’s largest public makerspace, a place filled with 3D printers, robotics, recording technology, arts materials and more. Organizer
Terri Willingham says maker activities might very well come to be on the big day, bringing together their young speakers and attendees to dream the future while the talks on pause.

Their youngest speaker is a 12-year-old and an activist, the daughter of one of the speakers from TEDxYouth@TampaRiverwalk sister event, TEDxTampaRiverwalk.

  • TEDxYouth@Manizales, Manizales, Colombia

TEDxYouth@Manizales will be held at BIOS, Colombia’s Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, deep in the heart of Colombia coffee country. The organizers chose BIOS for its atmosphere of cutting-edge scientific research, says licensee Johana Muriel-Grajales. “[BIOS] is a one of a kind research center dedicated to the study of bio-genetics, biodiversity, neuroscience — among others — through Big Data analysis,” says Muriel-Grajales.

TEDxYouth@Manizales will broadcast TEDYouth on a smart screen that BIOS scientists use to analyze data, and — during breaks — youth attendees will complete activities that ask them to dream of their future in 2035. “At the end they will receive a handmade and locally-crafted bracelet,” Muriel-Grajalea says, “and we will hold a ceremony in which they will wear the bracelet and commit to a goal for 2016 that will move them toward their vision for 2035.”

  • TEDxYouth@Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada

TEDxYouth@Montréal is a bilingual event that will be held in both English and French. Organizer Louise Bucheit is thrilled about how involved Montréal’s young people have been in the event: “Five of our 13 speakers and performers are under 20 years old,” she says. “Our DJ, Cedric de Saint-Rome is 17 and our MCs are both 16. This is the first year that we have held a Youth Speaker Contest and our winner is 14 years old.” Bucheit is looking forward to welcoming an “incredibly diverse group of curious kids” to Collège de Montréal.

  • TEDxYouth@Tukuy, Lima, Peru

In downtown Lima, TEDxYouth@Tukuy will celebrate the innovation of young people in Peru, bringing together student leaders from local schools. Three speakers will augment the TEDYouth livestream, including a young Peruvian engineer who took part in NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station, and the founders of a creative lab that supports innovative projects in Peru, including a new effort to protect the Amazon River.

Breaks will include magic, creative construction with LEGO, a “Before I die,” mural and more, says organizer César Zevallos. “Our event will be great because our activities invite [attendees] to think about the future and the challenges that it will bring us,” Zevallos says, “but in a fun way using exercises and games.”

  • TEDxYouth@SanAntonio, San Antonio, TX, United States

TEDxSanAntonio perhaps wins the award for coolest venue: The DoSeum, San Antonio’s brand new children’s museum. Says Tony Bryden, TEDxYouth@SanAntonio co-organizer, “TEDxSanAntonio partnered with multiple youth organizations around our city and selected a panel of volunteer students to help organize the event … and they’ve done outstanding work.”

The event will feature an all-student speaker line-up, curated by students, paired with student-organized activities and interactive exhibits. “We’ve empowered our youth by letting them shape the event, design, curate, organize … and so much more,” says Bryden. “[We] went into this event with the mindset that this is, ‘For the youth, by the youth,’ and have maintained that throughout the entire process.”


Watch TEDYouth live TOMORROW, SATURDAY 14 from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST.

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