Design Spotlight: How two events made ideas come alive with clever design

Speaker portraits done by TEDxJakarta's design team (Photo: behance, TEDxJakarta 10th: New Endings Speaker Portraits)

Speaker portraits by TEDxJakarta’s design team (Photo: Behance)

For TEDxJakarta’s 10th TEDx event, the design team, consisting of Annisa Aprianinda, Tommy Chandra, Alfi Maulana and with support from Heimlo Studio, created stylized portraits of each speaker. In the portraits, speakers are surrounded with iconography that represents the idea in her or his talk. Viewed together, the portraits create a colorful picture of the event as a whole, showing the scope of ideas shared.

All nine TEDxJakarta speaker portraits  (Photo: Behance)

All nine TEDxJakarta speaker portraits, given to speakers on the big day (Photo: Behance)

Miles away in Yemen, designers at the Lebanese International University crafted an elaborate and elegant design scheme for the very first TEDxLIUSanaa event. To tackle the theme “Outside the box,” Waleed Al-ward, Alaa Al-Abyadh and Nada Habtoor created posters, smartphone apps, even paper designs — featuring their theme symbols: hot air balloons, light bulbs and boxes.

TEDxLIUSanaa design work (Photo: Behance)

TEDxLIUSanaa design work (Photo: Behance)

And for an introduction to the event, animator Alaa Al-Abyadh was inspired to create Sana’a — home to the event — in (virtual) paper, complete with a TEDx X and a cluster of hot air balloons to match the theme:

Watch the whole video below:

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  1. Khadija

    Thumbs Up TEDxLIUSanaa all the way, proud to be part of it and proud of the nourished team-work we have :)

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