In case you missed it: 5 TEDx stories you should check out

A TEDx'er dances to Stromae's performance

A TEDx’er dances to a performance at TEDxBrussels (see no. 5)

2015 has ended, but TEDx stories live on. Here are five stories from this year we think you should check out, in case you missed them while you were planning your event:

1. A TEDx organizer’s big plan to reshape education in Colombia gains momentum. Felipe Spath organizes TEDx events all across Colombia. In his spare time? He works to revitalize Colombia’s education system using TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud. Not a big deal. Read more.

2. 5 chefs, 700 people and a plan to transform a city through food. TEDxChrichchurch integrated a comprehensive look at food in their city into their event, even inspiring one attendee to grow a crop of radishes in the city. Read more.

A TEDx'ers radish crop post-TEDxChristchurch

A TEDx’ers radish crop post-TEDxChristchurch

3. Spotlight TEDx Talk: Want to help people who have autism? Try empathy. Adam Harris has Asperger’s syndrome. He wants you to know what that is like for him. Read more.

Adam Harris at TEDxDCU (Photo: Simon Lazewski )

Adam Harris at TEDxDCU (Photo: Simon Lazewski )

4. Spotlight TEDx Talk: Can we “freeze” light? Physicist Daniele Faccio is in the business of capturing light. The Heriot-Watt University professor searches for ways to document light at its weakest — in single photons — by developing cameras so sensitive that they “freeze” light in motion. Read more.

5. Stromae breaks down how he puts together songs at TEDxBrussels.Want to brighten up your day? Dance? Watch this talk/performance from Belgian singer/rapper Stromae.

Stromae sings "Alors on Danse"

Stromae sings “Alors on Danse”

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