Music spotlight: R&B en français at TEDxClermont

Abraham Diallo a.k.a. Tismé plays his title "Parler des gens" (Talking about the People), live on the stage of Clermont-Ferrand Opera house for TEDxClermont

Abraham Diallo a.k.a. Tismé plays “Parler des gens” live at TEDxClermont

Today we’re tipping our hats to the francophone TEDx’ers who brought us this lovely performance by Tismé, a French singer, rapper and beatboxer.

Even if you don’t speak French, you can enjoy Tismé’s “Parler des gens” performed at TEDxClermont, which had our office pressing play again and again. Take a few minutes to enjoy Tismé’s smooth style and look out for more TEDx music from around the globe right here:

Tismé’s “Parler des gens — recorded live at TEDxClermont at the Clermont-Ferrand Opera House.

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