Staff picks: Our interns’ favorite talks of 2015

Martin Pistorius at TEDxKC

Martin Pistorius at TEDxKC

Need some talk recommendations to kick off the new year?

We asked our interns to share one TEDx Talk from 2015 — on any subject — that they couldn’t stop thinking about well into 2016. Below, their picks — from a lesson in public speaking to a look at California’s prisons:

Aviva, TEDx Talk Screener

How gangs keep inmates safe | David Skarbek | TEDxWarwick
In this incredible talk, Skarbek illustrates how inmates join gangs in order to create self-governing institutions and social systems behind bars. A unique look into the social life of prisoners in the California State prison system, this talk helps you realize the real need for safety and community that many inmates experience.

Ama, TEDx Talk Screener

When dolphins laugh | Benjamin Mee | TEDxTotnes
This is one of my favorite talks of 2015. I only watched it recently, but I find myself constantly talking about it to others.

Hiji, TEDx Talk Screener

Charisma versus stage fright | Deborah Frances-White | TEDxCambridgeUniversity
A very funny, engaging, and informative talk about how to project power and charisma in public speaking. The speaker interweaves social psychology, wit, and humor to deliver a talk that is both entertaining and smart.

Liana, Digital Media Associate

Martin Pistorius | My Way Back to Words | TEDxKC
Martin Pistorius delivers his story of living with locked-in syndrome in a beautiful, heart-wrenching talk from a perspective that the majority of the world will never experience. Seeing Pistorius onstage with his laptop to communicate somehow conveys his message even stronger than if he was speaking himself.

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