Tubas, trumpets and trombones at TEDx

Riot Jazz at TEDxSalford

Riot Jazz at TEDxSalford

If you want brass music, TEDx events have got you covered. Tubas, trumpets, trombones, sousaphones, we’ve got them all. Below, some bold and brassy music (pun intended) from TEDx events around the world:

All about the brass | Delft Brass | TEDxDelft

This cheerful performance comes from TEDxDelft in the Netherlands, where the Delft Brass band played a 3-song medley with pizzazz. Says TEDxDelft, “The ensemble was formed in 2013 when tuba player Brenda Hooiveld and her close brass playing friends at the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft (Royal Wind Orchestra Delft) decided to form a new group because, according to Hooiveld, ‘brass are the nicest instruments.’”

A new sound to Egyptian music | El-Nafekha, “The Blowers” | TEDxCairo

Egyptian brass group El-Nafekha (“The Blowers”) have a two-fold approach to music: to preserve and celebrate traditional Egyptian music and heritage and to expand the Egyptian musical library by composing their own pieces.

Horns! | Brass Knuckle Brass Band | TEDxCanberra

The Brass Knuckle Brass Band describes themselves as “a laid-back Australian take on the New Orleans funk street band.” At TEDxCanberra, they lay down some tunes.

Brasshouse | Too Many Zooz | TEDxNYIT

Brass + drums band Too Many Zooz started in the New York City subway. At TEDxNYIT, they show off what they can do, giving a demo of “Brasshouse,” their personal brand of wild instrumental experimentation.

Jazz at UCO | UCO Jazz Composers Combo | TEDxUCO

At TEDxUCO, students from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Jazz Composers Combo, led by professor emeritus Lee Rucker, play several pieces for the university crowd.

De la pasión por la música a través de la tuba | David Muñoz | TEDxGijon

At TEDxGijon, David Muñoz shares how playing the tuba helped him process the trauma of illness. To end his talk, Muñoz and put on a stellar tuba-heavy performance.

A twisted mix of funk, soul, hip hop & aggressive jazz | Riot Jazz | TEDxSalford

In Manchester, brass band Riot Jazz blends genres to create music designed to make listeners move their feet. At TEDxSalford, they show off their skills.

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