Movie theaters, late-night parties and after-work get-togethers: how TEDx communities are watching TED2016

A sneak preview of TEDxCharlestonLive's venue for their TED2016 livestream event (Photo: TEDxCharlestonLive)

A sneak preview of TEDxCharlestonLive’s venue for their TED2016 livestream event (Photo: TEDxCharlestonLive)

TED2016: Dream starts Monday! And on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, over 250 TEDx communities will be watching sessions of the event live — in schools, libraries, cinemas and other community hubs. These are TEDxLive events — special TEDx events organized around screening, discussing and mulling over a TED Conference.

This is the first year that three whole days of the TED Conference will be available to stream — and in places like Ljubljana, Slovenia; Naperville, Illnois and Oporto, Portugal — groups of events are working together to host multiple days of the conference for their communities.

In preparation for TED2016, a look at some of what TEDxLive events have in store for next week’s conference:

  • In Kazakhstan, the first TEDxLive event in Almaty, TEDxAlmatyLive will be hosting a late-night TED session in an Almaty cinema. “It will start at 7 pm after-office-hours and will end with the ‘last survivor,’” says organizer Larissa Pak. “Our expected audience is all excited and I am hoping the event will be inspiring and uplifting for many.”
  • TEDxSantaBarbaraLive will be hosting their event during the day — watching talks and enjoying lunch, snacks and conversation during breaks. The team took the conference’s theme — Dream — and turned it into an activity for the event, says organizer Mark Sylvester, creating a wall-sized poster for attendees to write on and use to brainstorm.
TEDxSantaBarbaraLive's TEDxLive promo for TED2016: Dream.

TEDxSantaBarbaraLive’s TEDxLive promo for TED2016: Dream.

  • TEDxBarcelonaLive will include a technology fair at their event — showcasing robots, demonstrations, products from local companies and more. “We want to be a meeting point for our curious TED community in Barcelona,” says organizer José Cruset. “The people attending the event — the community — will make the event great.”
  • At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, TEDxUABLive will be streaming Session 5 of the conference, during which TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak will reveal her TED Prize wish. Space archaeologist Parcak is a professor at the university and to celebrate her work, the team will serve pyramid-shaped cookies, says organizer Tiffany Westry.
  • TEDxKyivLive in Ukraine is another event holding an after-work streaming party. To accommodate attendees coming to watch talks straight from work, the team plans to have tons of food, drink and snack options — brain food for a night of big ideas, says organizer Vladyslav Greziev.
  • TEDxCharlestonLive in Charleston, South Carolina is hosting their event in a renovated theater in the city, complete with old fashioned marquee. “We are using this as an opportunity to get people to apply to be speakers, performers or our stage designer for our next TEDxCharleston event,” says organizer Edith Howle. “We have people there who are on the committee to pick speakers and we have past speakers and speaker coaches who can answers questions that potential speakers ask. After our livestreaming, we will also have a post-party where the conversation can continue.”
  • On Whidbey Island in Washington State, TEDxCoupevilleLibraryLive will be bringing TED2016 right into the library’s main branch. Says Branch Manager and event organizer Leslie Franzen, “We have met our goal of 60 registrations for the event on Feb 16 and have added an additional 10 spots for viewing. We look forward to having great community discussion with an audience of familiar and new faces to the Coupeville Library.”

Stay tuned for more stories from this year’s TEDxLive events!

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  1. An idea:

    What would be a good idea is to have a bar / counter with popcorns and drinks and peanuts and what not, you know, the usual you’d get in a cinema setting.

    Don’t you think?

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