A design factory, a documentary center and a Chopería: Where TEDx’ers are watching TED2016

The exterior of Porto Design Factory (Photo: Jim Groom)

TEDxOportoLive is bringing TED2016 to the Porto Design Factory in Porto, Portugal (Photo: Jim Groom)

Today is the first day of TED2016: Dream! Last week we brought you stories of where some of the nearly 300 TEDx communities are streaming TED live as part of TEDxLive, and today we bring you more. From a Chopería in Uruguay to a STEM education center in South Africa, here are some of the fun, interesting and cool places TEDx’ers are tuning into TED2016:

  • TEDxColoniaDelSacramentoLive is holding their event at a local Chopería, a new spot that organizer Pablo Lewin says is a new hub for “friendship, good food and networking” in Colonia del Sacramento. The team is excited to bring TED2016 to their neighborhood, which is celebrating its 21st anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Moscow’s TEDxPokrovkaStLive will be broadcasting the conference at the Moscow Centre for Documentary Movies. “Situated in the heart of the city, it is just the right place with big screen to gather TED enthusiasts and take them to Vancouver as close as possible to feel the conference’s spirit and inspiration,” says organizer Aksana Pruttskova.
(Photo: The Calvert Journal)

An audience at the Moscow Centre for Documentary Movies (Photo: The Calvert Journal)

  • TED Fellow Ramon Thomas is organizing TEDxPortElizabethLive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The event will be held at the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre, a STEM education center located in the Zwartkops River Valley. “The [venue] allows us to tap into local students from local schools very easily,” says Thomas. The team has lined up hosts for each session and is looking forward to watching the stream in the impressive Science and Technology Centre auditorium.
The Nelson Mandela Bay Science & Technology Centre (Photo: Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative)

The Nelson Mandela Bay Science & Technology Centre (Photo: Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative)

  • In Kraków, two events are collaborating to bring multiple days of TED2016 to their city – TEDxKrakówLive and  TEDxKazimierzLive. On Wednesday, TEDxKrakówLive will bring TED to Arteteka, a library part of an award-winning Polish architectural project. “We start TEDxKrakówLive at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday with a short ice breaking exercise to get us going and switching from ‘work mode’ to ‘dream mode,’ says organizer Małgorzata Kuś. “We got inspired by the TED2016 theme — Dream — and we’ll be debating below a cloud of white balloons. To keep things interesting, we have also arranged a short storytelling workshop where we will be creating stories about dreams that never happened.” On Thursday, TEDxKazimierzLive will bring day four of the conference to local café, Pauza In Garden, complete with some secret plans for the breaks between sessions.
The Małopolska Garden of Arts by Ingarden & Ewý Architects (Photo: Krzysztof Ingarden)

The Małopolska Garden of Arts by Ingarden & Ewý Architects (Photo: Krzysztof Ingarden / Bustler)

  • In Portugal, two teams are bringing TED2016 to Porto: TEDxOportoLive and TEDxUniversityofPortoLive. First, TEDxOportoLive will bring day two of the conference to Porto Design Factory, an innovation hub part of the Polytechnical Institute of Porto. “Porto Design Factory is led by a former member of the TEDxOporto team,” says organizer Norberto Amaral. “It collaborates with Stanford University and Aalto University in Finland to bring world-class product innovation to Portugal …  many of this year’s volunteers at TEDxOporto come from this institution and it will be a great opportunity for them to meet and bond; we are two months away from this year’s TEDxOporto!” The team is leaving the kitchen open so that attendees can prepare meals and share snacks, as well as communicate via Skype with other Design Factories around the world.” Amaral guesses that many of the other factories will have insights on this year’s TED.
The interior of the Porto Design Factory (Photo: Porto Design Factory)

The interior of the Porto Design Factory (Photo: Porto Design Factory)

  • On Wednesday, TEDxUniversityofPortoLive will bringing TED to UPTEC — the startup incubator of the University of Porto. Organizer Leonid Kholkin is especially looking forward to talks that “encourage people to think more outside the box and not just do what has been working,” a key reason why he organizers a university TEDx event.
  • In British Columbia, home to TED2016, TEDxRosslandPublicLibraryLive will stream day four of the conference in the mountain town of Rossland. “This our first time hosting [TED] and I’m really excited,” says organizer Beverley Rintoul, director of the Rossland Public Library. The event will bring together Rossland residents to watch and discuss the conference, says Rintoul, as long as it doesn’t snow too hard. Refreshments will be locally-sourced, from homemade spinach bites to coffee from a nearby roaster.

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