Ideas worth spreading in India: Announcing the TEDx Anchor Program

A snapshot of TEDxYouth@Hyderabad 2015

A snapshot of TEDxYouth@Hyderabad 2015

Today at TED2016, the TEDx program has launched a brand new initiative to incubate great ideas outside the United States — the TEDx Anchor Program. For its pilot launch, the TEDx Anchor Program has partnered with Infosys to incubate 14 incredible events in India — empowering organizers, inspiring creativity, providing mentorship and building a library of jaw-dropping ideas from the country, from village to metropolis. This week, the organizers of several India-based TEDx events came together at TED2016 to celebrate the start of the program with TED, TEDx and Infosys leaders.

TEDx organizers involved in the TEDx Anchor Program meet with TEDx staff at TED2016 in Vancouver (Photo: TEDx)

TEDx organizers involved in the TEDx Anchor Program meet with TEDx staff at TED2016 in Vancouver (Photo: TEDx)

The TEDx Anchor Program is designed to work closely with TEDx teams to provide personalized support, foster civic engagement at the local level and ultimately help to build stronger, more connected communities in the areas taking part in the program. “We’re excited to partner with Infosys to deepen our commitment to the TEDx community with the launch of the TEDx Anchor Program,” says Jay Herratti, TEDx Executive Director. “More than just offering TED’s support, this initiative is an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with our organizers, and to share local ideas with the world.”

The TEDx Anchor Program will work with TEDx organizers in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mangalore, Mumbai, Mysore, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram for a period of two years. Over that time, the TEDx Anchor Program will provide annual scholarships for TEDx organizers to attend a TED Conference, training and education sessions with TED Staff, a scholarship to participate in a TEDx Anchor Program India Workshop hosted at Infosys’s Mysore campus in March 2016, as well as tools and resources to assist in producing events, audience experiences, and talks.

Infosys will provide opportunities to host TEDx events at Infosys campuses in India as well as marketing and communications support, including the creation of a documentary about the program to showcase the latest ideas coming out of TEDx communities in India. “Infosys deeply relates to and supports TED’s mission to spread ideas. By sponsoring the TEDx Anchor Program in India, Infosys is keen to accelerate the sharing of ideas that matter in India,” says Pravin Rao, Infosys Chief Operating Officer.

The first TEDx Anchor event will take place at the Infosys Bangalore campus in collaboration with TEDxBangalore.

Stay tuned for more information on the TEDx Anchor Program in India and upcoming TEDx Anchor Program events.


  1. Viti Kothari

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Can organisers from other countries attend the TEDx Anchor Progam workshops in India? Won’t it be fantastic to have a program like this for Africa?

    How can we create a similar program from the African region?

    Congratulations and well done!

  2. The TEDx Anchor – is it open to speakers from general public across india ? If yes, how should we nominate speakers for this program ? Is there a site were we can register or contact someone for registrations ?

  3. Rasha Mohammed

    I’d love to be a part of the TEDx Anchor Program and would appreciate getting more information regarding this program!

  4. Sukriti Sinha

    I’d love to be a part of this program. Please share details on how I can join this team.

  5. Maheepathi Srinivasa Rao

    I would like to participate in this program could you please let me know the process.
    Hatsoff to the team for organising wonderful,innovotive and informative programs.

  6. Dhanush Shetty

    TEDx Anchor Program is something I simply must be a part of – please share details

  7. Shruti Mehndroo

    Its a great move ! I’d love to be a part of the TEDx Anchor Program and would want to contribute to it. Please let me know how can I join the team and be a part of the events and the organising committee.

  8. Lakshmi P Y

    Incredible initiative

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