Tomorrow at TED2016: The first TED session guest curated by a TEDx organizer

All six speakers in Session 10 were discovered within the TEDx community (Photo: TED)

TED2016 Session 10 speakers. All six speakers in Session 10 were discovered from within the TEDx community (Photo: TED)

When TEDxRiodelaPlata organizer Gerry Garbulsky found out he was going to guest curate a session of TED, he knew exactly where he’d go to find the next big ideas — in the massive library of talks curated by his fellow TEDx organizers. Over the next ten months, he worked to cull through TEDx’s archive of over 70,000 talks to find earth-shattering ideas to bring to the stage.

His search led him to six speakers: TEDxMadrid‘s Angélica Dass, who explores the concept of race through art; TEDxUofT‘s Kang Lee, who researches why children lie; TEDxAmsterdam‘s Siyanda Mohutsiwa, who explores identity using hashtags; chess grandmaster Judit Polgár, who spoke in her native Hungarian at TEDxDanubia; instrument maker Linsey Pollak, who wowed with his homemade creation at TEDxSydney; and TEDxBuenosAires‘s (and TEDxRiodelaPlata‘s) Mariano Sigman, who uses fMRI to investigate the inner-workings of our brains.

“Gerry was really, really amazing at the research and the thought that went into making that a balanced session — with diversity and with the topics; it’s woven together; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” TED Content Director Kelly Stoetzel shared at TED2016. “It’s going to be magical when you watch the whole thing together.”

Garbulsky was inspired by working with the TED and TEDx teams, he says, as well as his fellow organizers. “We have a great network [in the TEDx community],” he said at TED2016, “and we need to make the most of it.” Curating Session 10 taught him a lot about building a great TEDx line-up, he said, as working with the TED team taught him to single out powerful ideas — rather than merely focusing on simple issues or solutions.

We’re looking forward to Session 10 and wish Gerry and all of the speakers great luck! Find Thursday’s program on the TED2016 Program Guide.

If you are attending one of the many TEDxLive events happening on Thursday, you can watch the whole thing live. Find TEDxLive events near you on our website here.

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