Snapshots from a TEDx event — TEDxTrondheim throws a TED party


TEDxTrondheimLive attendees pose for a TED2016 watching party photo (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

TEDxTrondheim’s livestream of TED2016 was booked up 30 minutes after being announced. The Norwegian event held a broadcast of Session 2 and Session 4 of TED at Work-Work, a new hackerspace in Trondheim that boasts co-working space, offices, a nano-brewery, a pub, an arcade and more.

TEDxTrondheimLive's TED2016 popcorn (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

TEDxTrondheimLive’s TED2016 popcorn (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

The hot ticket included all-you-can-eat TED2016-themed popcorn, a raffle for movie tickets at a local theater and raucous discussion, inspired by “MythBusters” host Adam Savage’s talk on creativity, TEDx speaker Cédric Villani’s ode to math and the scoop on upcoming TEDx events in Trondheim.

Team members distribute popcorn (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

Team members distribute popcorn (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

A TEDxTrondheim team member starts the event (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

A TEDxTrondheim team member addresses the crowd (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

TEDx'ers watch TED2016 live (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

TEDx’ers watch TED2016 live (Photo: TEDxTrondheim)

The fun won’t end with the livestream, says team member Laura Brodbeck. The TEDxTrondheim team is already searching for more ideas worth spreading for their standard event on November 6, 2016.

Find out more about TEDxTrondheim at their website and watch a talk from one of their previous events in this playlist about robots.

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