Three TEDx talks for the weekend: Change your mindset, lose your phone and check out some street art

TEDxHECParis 2014 (Photo: TEDxHECParis 2014).

TEDxHECParis 2014 (Photo: TEDxHECParis 2014).

Spring is here and we know you’re probably eager to get outside this weekend. While you’re waiting for your morning coffee to percolate (do people still say that?) or for your notoriously late friend to drop by, here are three talks to help you pass the time. They’ll make you a better conversationalist at that cocktail party you’ve got lined up on Saturday night.

Why “scout mindset” is crucial to good judgment | Julia Galef | TEDxPSU
Do you yearn to defend your own beliefs? Or, do you yearn to see the world as clearly as you possibly can? Julia Galef recalls the Dreyfus Affair as an example of how a changed mindset helped exonerate an imprisoned man. She argues, “We need to learn how to feel proud instead of ashamed when we notice we might have been wrong about something.”

How to Paint a City | Lee Bofkin | TEDxClapham
Lee Bofkin, a scientist who used to breakdance for the United Kingdom, talks about global street art — defined as art form, a crime and/or a subculture — and how it has enabled expressive cultures to thrive.

How a piece of plastic can change the world | Ben Langeveld & Ingmar Larsen | TEDxUtrecht
Imagine a waterproof, battery-free, non-addictive phone! Introducing the NoPhone. Phone addiction, Ben Langeveld & Ingmar Larsen argue, is real. We’re missing out on simple and real pleasures (and sometimes worse) by interacting with our cellular devices, they argue. Try out your own version of the NoPhone this weekend to gauge your addiction.

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